Smile! 7 Creative Portrait Photography Tips [Infographic]

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“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” – Paul Caponigro

When we look back through old photo albums, few of us are interested in the landscapes (unless they’re amazing!). Instead, our eyes are drawn to the people, whose familiar faces have changed throughout time. Portraits capture a moment in time that can’t be reclaimed. That’s why quality images are so important.

We’re all too used to the rules of composition, exposure, depth of field and lighting when it comes to portrait photography. But what about those original ideas that can really make your images pop? We all love to frame our best photographs of our loved ones, but a truly unique photograph taking a different perspective or finding a new focus will undoubtedly attract more attention.

Check out our infographic below for seven of our favourite outside-the-box portrait photography tips:


Portrait Photography Tips infographic

Our Top Creative Portrait Photography Tips

1. Change your perspective

The most popular form of portrait photography is shooting front on, at eye level. Change it up by shooting from above or below for a different perspective.

2. Frame your subject

Use a window, doorway or other prop to frame your subject’s face. It will add depth and a point of interest. Hot tip: If you have nothing else at hand, have your subjects frame their face with their hands!

3. Create a film strip

Burst or continuous mode doesn’t just have to be for sports action. Use this mode to create a story-telling film strip of your subject.

4. Introduce a prop

Got nervous, fidgety subjects? Give them a prop – a toy or some flowers – to relax with. Whether you include the prop in your photos or not, you’ll catch some great candid shots.

5. Give your subject space to look beyond the frame

When your subject looks beyond the frame, you can’t help but wonder what that person is looking at. That intrigue can create an evocative image by the mere suggestion of interest beyond the frame.

6. Focus on the little details

A portrait doesn’t have to be of the face. Why not focus on the hands, feet or abdomen? They can often provide more of a tale than the face could.

7. Take a lot of photos

An authentic expression makes for the best portrait photograph. But you can’t prepare for true emotion so make sure your finger is on the shutter button at all times to capture those fleeting moments.

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