Ricoh CX4

A great little compact camera, the CX4 packs sophisticated features into a tiny body giving the novice shooter the opportunity to take their photography up a notch from the simple art of point and shoot.

The new subject tracking auto-focus system and improved image stabilisation technology delivers crisp, clear images, especially when coupled with the ‘night landscape multi shoot’ mode which enables tripod free photography even when the light is low.

Those with a hankering to get a bit more creative with their shots will appreciate the additions of soft focus, cross process and toy camera shooting modes which add to the collection of B&W and miniature modes first introduced in the CX2.

Add to this a ‘high burst’ mode of 5 frames per second and a 10 megapixel CMOS sensor coupled with a 10.7x wide angle zoom lens (28-300 mm equivalent), and you have a camera that’s suitable for capturing most situations. Did we mention it also shoots HD?

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