Samsung NX300 – Truly Connected

The Samsung NX300 is a beautiful Compact System Camera to grace the camera market.

It looks great, it feels great and it is superior to a lot of its competitors in its category. Samsung’s major push this year is on connectivity and how that translates to your everyday life. They’ve adopted this philosophy with the NX300 and have incorporated WiFi connectivity to allow you to share photos between your camera, smartphone and/or tablet device.

To connect a smartphone or tablet all is needed is a simile download of the Samsung Smart Camera application which is available for both Android and iOS based products. Once you’ve done this you will then be able to connect your device to your camera and select any of the features available.

One feature we love is Auto Share mode which automatically sends high quality images to your selected device rather than having to go in and manually upload them overtime you take a new photo, much like the Auto Cloud feature found with Apple products.

The Smart Camera app also features a few other connectivity functions;

  • Remote Viewfinder
    • This allows your device, smartphone or tablet, to become your wireless remote. Picture setting up your camera on a tripod walking away with your smart phone and being able to take a family photo with you finally in it.
  • Social Networking
    • You’re now able to share your photos taken on your camera direct to social media sites such as Facebook. No more bad quality photos especially in low light situations.
  • Cloud System
    • Samsung have also catered to cloud storing via ‘All-Share Play’ which ensures your photos are safe and out of harms way with this easy storage solution.

The NX300 is a beautifully connected camera as we’ve established but it also isn’t short on the spec list. It boasts a large 20.3 Megapixel APS-CMOS Sensor allowing you to capture superbly high quality detailed images which is backed up by a wide ISO range of 100-25600 making all lighting conditions a non issue. This camera really will allow you to shoot images with life-like colour reproduction with beautifully balanced images even in the darkest conditions.

A brand new Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) system delivers fast, accurate phase and contrast detection, while the 1/6000 sec shutter speed and 9fps continuous shooting mode ensures you’ll never miss a moment.

The Samsung’s unique DRIMe IV imaging engine provides outstanding developments in speed, and image quality. The DRIMe IV engine enables better color reproduction and greater noise reduction, as well as support for full 1080p HD video capture in both 2D and 3D (when combined with Samsung’s new 45mm 2D/3D lens).

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