Samsung WB2000

Samsung kicked off PMA Australia in Melbourne with the launch of the WB2000, a new high speed, 10 megapixel compact camera that also offers 1080P, full-HD video recording. Able to take HD video and high resolution still snaps simultaneously, the WB2000 can record a whopping 1000 frames per second (fps) and offers a 10fps image capture with ‘burst mode’. Imagine being able to video a fast moving event at 1000fps then play it back in slow-mo to analyse every detail.

Another top feature is ‘object tracking’. A unique feature of these cameras, object tracking allows you to track a specific object during the sweep of a panoramic shot; such as a bird in flight. Add to this a high performance 24mm ultra wide angle Schneider Kreuznach lens with 5x optical zoom and you have a formidable camera that can be optimised for novice or a more experienced shooter.

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