Sharing your passion

Unlike many hobbies or pursuits, photography can be shared with friends, family, fellow enthusiasts and club members. You can enter either national or international competitions and attend workshops, seminars and conventions that promote and encourage photography as an art form.

We’re all proud of our hard–earned images and the desire to share them with others is only natural. In addition we all need to learn – not only from our mistakes, but also from constructive criticism. We’re all on a learning curve and can thus adapt to new and better ideas from others who share our passion. So where do we start? Rule number one – we should know where the local camera club meets in our area and perhaps attend occasionally. Better still, become a member. Camera clubs are the ground floor in a vast network of affiliated clubs and societies that operate within Australia to promote and advance photography. At the very least, all of us need to have a circle of friends with whom we can get away from time to time for some serious photography.

Workshops are excellent ways to improve your skills, and there are many to choose from. From basic one-day seminars to multi-day intensive “hands on” programs, the choice is varied and priced accordingly. Plan to attend one in the near future, as the skills acquired and the friendships forged are worth every effort you expend. Interestingly, many top professional photographers still participate in such workshops to perfect and fine tune their techniques or skills.

An added bonus of mixing with like-minded people is the valuable tips you pick up on the way. Does a certain filter work well? What applications and changes need to be made to certain gadgets, tripods, flashguns etc? No amount of reading will give you what personal recommendations and pointers can. You might be considering the purchase of a new camera, lens or filter and knowing if it works well is better than your own trial and error and certainly far better than avoiding the purchase of a certain product because you’re a little unsure.

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