SONY A33 & A55

Launching in September, the A33 and the A55 feature Sony’s patented Translucent Mirror System and an Electronic View Finder (EVF) as opposed to the traditional optical viewfinder of most DSLRs. Standard on majority of video cameras, the EVF allows for endless customisation, so that shooters can see digital levels, histogram, and images styles all in realtime without taking their eye away from the camera.

What’s most impressive about these new cameras however is the shutter speeds (7 frames per second and 10 frames per second irrespectively) which are superb for entry level cameras. The A33 & A55’s multi-frame capture mode coupled with the fastest Auto Focus system on a Sony alpha model camera allows for frame stacking of ultra wide angle images so you will always secure at least one blur free shot. (Action photography junkies will love this feature).

The AF module features 15 points with three cross type sensors making a massive difference to low light shooting. Because the Translucent Mirror System doesn’t move like a conventional DSLR’s mirror, the AF sensor is never interrupted so it’s able to constantly measure focus with speed and accuracy that is unsurpassed. You images wind up crisper not only because of this advanced focussing but the lack of ‘mirror slap’.

The A55’s 16.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS adds am impressive 2 million megapixels to most equivalent cameras in this class – but that’s not all – the sensor is actually 4dB more sensitive than previous Exmor sensors, giving you almost a full stop of improvement, so you get lower noise at higher ISO.

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