Sony A7 IV vs Sony A7R IV Camera Expert Comparison

Take your photography game to the next level with a quality Sony mirrorless camera. Are you looking for a camera that will document high-quality shots from your outdoor adventures? Or a device that you can use to capture professional videography? Regardless of your individual photography requirements, Camera House has a camera suited to you! 

Likewise to the fact that each individual has unique photography desires, each camera has also been designed with different capabilities. To get the most out of your shooting it’s important to develop an understanding of not only the features included in your device but the way in which you can use them to maximise your outcomes. 

Come along as we run through the impressive Sony A7 IV and the Sony A7R IV from the team at Camera House, where we can help you find the camera most suited to your individual photography needs.

Read more below on the expert review of the Sony A7 IV and the Sony A7R IV, by our resident camera expert from Camera House Geelong.

Comparison of the Sony A7 IV vs Sony A7R IV

The major difference between these two incredible full-frame cameras is mostly in the sensor. The A7 IV at 33mp vs the A7R IV at 61mp.

At almost exactly the same weight & size, with almost identical features and similar price points, the sensor size is the main differentiator.

Sony A7 IV vs Sony A7R IV Sensor Size

So which sensor size is best? The pro and cons need to be weighed with the style of photography that you do.

The larger sensor in the A7R IV is perfect for Landscapes, Architecture, Wildlife, Portrait and Product photography, where the extra resolution is great for detail, sharpness and the ability to enlarge or crop an image. The camera doesn’t have an Anti-Alias (low pass) filter which helps retain more detail & sharpness, however, it can result in some moire effects in certain images.

The A7 IV with it’s 33mp sensor including an Anti-Alias (low pass) filter is the perfect all-rounder in my opinion. Matched with it’s lower file size, it’s perfect for Weddings, Street photography, Sport & General Daily Photography such as events and functions. It’s also important to note, that the lower megapixel sensor performs better at high iso’s, as the pixels capture more light.

The verdict? It’s important to remember these are both high level, Pro cameras that will deliver fantastic, quality images for almost any use. However, If you’re looking for a great all-rounder for Weddings, Journalism, Sport, Events and general photography, the A7 IV would be my choice, it’ll also do a great job on your wildlife and Landscape photos too. If you mostly shoot Landscapes, Wildlife, Architecture or Product photography, where sharpness & detail is paramount, then I would suggest the A7R IV is the perfect camera for you.

You may have already decided which camera is better suited to your needs and budget, but in case you were wondering, below are the main specs on each camera.

Get The Rundown of the Best Features of the Sony A7 IV Camera

The Sony A7 IV sets the standards high for mirrorless cameras, through its impressive functionality and design. 

Live Streaming

The advanced live streaming features in the Sony A7 IV makes this device the ideal camera for content creators. Featuring a 4K 15p UVC/ UAC streaming function, paired with internal recording, this camera has been built to capture moments in a way that allows viewers to truly feel immersed in the moment. Advanced technological capabilities allows your footage to simply record to a memory card while simultaneously streaming to an external platform.. Trust us, this is the simplicity that you need in your photography game! 

Autofocus System 

Through the inclusion of real-time eye-AF for both human and animals, as well as bird eye AF, this device boasts advanced capabilities. This camera has been fitted with 759 Phase-detect AF points covering 94% of the frame, while allowing an improved speed of up to 30% faster than the A7 III.. what’s not to love! Take advantage of this feature when shooting stills or video & experience clearer, more precise outcomes. 

Exceptional Physical Design

With outstanding features presented in a sleek design, there’s no reason not to love the Sony A7 IV! Featuring an exposure compensation dial that can be fully customised, this device allows for expression in everything you do. We expect users to love the full-size HDMI plug in, the convenient placement of the mic input and the PSMI dial so smoother workflow. Compared to previous models, this device takes an advanced spin on traditional designs. 

Key features of the Sony A7 IV include:

  • 33 MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor 
  • Bluetooth Auto Connect
  • 4K 60p recording in Super35 readout without pixel binning
  • Still/Movie/S&Q Dial

Get more information about the Sony A7 IV from Matt at Camera House in the video below:

Top Three Reasons Why we Think You’ll Love This Device

There are many reasons why you’ll love the Sony A7 IV camera, including our top picks:

  • Powerful sensor and processing engine
  • Flagship-class image quality and advanced AI based AF (still)
  • Hybrid still and movie camera with outstanding operability and reliability

Learn About the Sony A7R IV camera

sony alpha a7r iv

The Sony A7R IV device has been designed with easy to use features that produce high quality outcomes when shooting in various environments. With a range of advancements, users can expect enhanced photography results, whether it be within their stills or videography, this device boasts impressive outcomes. 

Quality and Reliability

The level of quality presented in the Sony A7R IV is unmatched.. This device has undertaken a complete design review allowing for the creation of a camera that doesn’t place limits on your photography. New additions to the device include enhanced dust and weather sealing, a deeper grip and improved button feel, and an improved 5.76 million dot OLED viewfinder for enhanced accuracy when shooting. Get your hands on the Sony A7R IV today to experience a mirrorless camera like never before seen.. 

Shooting and Focusing Speed  

The Sony A7R IV combines 567 on-sensor phase-detect autofocus points with refined tracking algorithms to create advanced autofocus capabilities like never before experienced within the Sony range. Get your hands on the Sony A7R IV and experience the real-time tracking and eye autofocus enabled for both still and movie recording. 

Find out more about the Sony A7R IV camera in the video review:

Top Three Reasons Why we Think You’ll Love This Device

We’re guaranteed that you won’t be able to put this device down once you get your hands on it.. Check out our top reasons why:

  • Increased megapixel count
  • Super professional features to enhance workflow 
  • Speed and reliability

Shop all Your Camera and Photography Needs at Camera House

Now that you’ve had the rundown on the Sony A7 IV and the Sony A7R IV from the experts at Camera House, it’s time to get your hands on your new device! 

Take advantage of Camera House’s knowledgeable staff in-store and online and ask them for further assistance in selecting which camera is right for you! Check out our shipping information online and enjoy flat-rate delivery Australia-wide, or check out our store locator to visit a Camera House store near you. Discover more product reviews and helpful articles on the Camera House blog:

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