Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

A small camera with a big sensor. This is what this camera has been repetitively called since hitting the market. For those that are a little unsure what a large sensor means let’s break it down for you. Think of a sensor like a window, the bigger the window, the more light comes through, this is the same story with a sensor and the more light on a sensor means the more detail in your photographs. The common misconception is that the larger the megapixels, the better the image, it’s not just the megapixel count though – the sensor plays a huge part in the way your photos turn out after you’ve pressed that shutter button. The huge dimensions of the specially developed Exmor CMOS sensor in the RX100 captures more light from your scene and reproduces every stunning detail with greater fidelity. Original dual noise reduction and column A/D conversion also decrease noise to ensure smooth, clear reproduction even in low-light conditions at approx. 20.2-megapixel effective resolution. Enough of the lessons though let’s get into what the Sony DSC-RX100 is all about!

The RX100’s user interface will make everyone happy, it’s not limiting for the enthusiast photographer but not too complex for the beginner wanting to advance their photography skills without having to upgrade to a bulkier DSLR. It doesn’t go excessively into manual controls but the newly introduced lens-encircling control dial is where the magic happens. Similar to the NEX cameras (Sony’s compact system camera range) the RX100 has a fully customisable function menu allowing you to pinpoint which settings you want to quickly access and also in which order.


Legendary Carl Zeiss optics and unrivaled Sony imaging technology come together in one extraordinary lens. Despite compact dimensions, it offers supremely accurate performance, powerful 3.6x optical zoom capabilities and an enormous F1.8 circular aperture for gorgeous background defocusing with beautiful bokeh.

As many Sony users would know Sweep Panorama is a loved feature in amougst the Sony range of cameras, this too has been integrated into the camera making capturing panoramas easy and enjoyable. There’s no post production stitching needed after the fact, it all happens in the camera and you really can’t see where the camera has processed the merging of images. It’s simple, effortless and extremely rewarding when shooting beautiful landscapes.

Create movies of amazing clarity that play extra smoothly by recording them at Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) in the AVCHD Ver. 2.0 (Progressive) format — at the extremely high frame rate of 60 (50)* fps. You can even record fast-moving subjects and dark environments with astonishing clarity thanks to the combined advantages of the new image sensor and lens. Furthermore, P/A/S/M modes can expand your movie making creativity.

To take a look at some more photos of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 or to take a look at some sample shots taken on the camera Click Here.

  • CMOS Optical Sensor
  • Lens Aperture f/1.8-4.9
  • 20.2 Megapixel
  • 3″ LCD Screen
  • 3.x Optical Zoom
  • Comfortable control ring manual operation
  • New WhiteMagicâ„¢ technology
  • Optimised noiseless depiction made possible by BIONZ image processing engine and unified lens-body design

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  • Paul Weston says:

    Would love to own a Sony RX100!

  • Milica Peirce says:

    Wow hope springs eternal , a Sony RX100!! answer to all my photography needs…..fingers crossed.

  • matthew sollly says:

    another amazing product from sony, who wouldn’t like to win one

  • Daniel Turner says:

    Would be awesome

  • Beth Healey says:

    Fantastic because I would be able to actually photograph Spring!

  • Tegan says:

    Would be a dream come true!!!

  • Col Fowler says:

    Purchased one of these DSC-RX 100’s late last year before travelling to Turkey and am extremely happy with the purchase. It does everything I want from a digital compact and more. I have owned several digital SLR’s before but this produces better quality pictures than I could have believed. If you’re thinking of buying a digital compact I highly recommend this camera for the serious shooter.

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