SONY DSC-RX1 – Just Announced!

A 24.3 Megapixel Full-Frame Exmor CMOS Sensor sits at the heart of the RX1 making it the world’s first fixed-lens compact digital camera  with 35mm full-frame image sensor. The RX1 produces detailed, richly coloured images with remarkably low noise.

Image quality starts with the lens, and the RX1 is equipped with the best. A Carl Zeiss 35mm Sonnar lens with the state of the art anti-reflective T* coating guarantees clear & crisp images, while the lens’ 9-bladed F/2 aperture gives you beautiful background blur. Drawing inspiration from classic rangefinder cameras, the RX1 puts dedicated camera controls at your fingertips. Aperture and focus rings, along with an EV dial and focus selector provide sure and rapid control, while a rear control wheel gives rapid access to shutter speed, as well as advanced camera settings.

The RX1 is astonishingly compact considering the 35mm full-frame sensor and F2 lens it features. The RX1 is the world’s smallest digital camera with a full-frame sensor allowing users to carry it everywhere and capture any shooting opportunity that arises.

The RX1 is equipped with a new Multi Interface allowing you to customise your camera. The Multi Interface Shoe is compatible with a wide range of optional accessories, including a powerful external flash unit, electronic viewfinder and optical viewfinder.

Take HD movie recording to the next level with AVCHD. Enjoy the amazing life-like images and be impressed by the vivid colours and details of every scene. Nothing recreates the moment like razor-sharp, high definition video. Your movies will look stunning on your HD TV thanks to the 1080 50p high-definition AVCHD (1920 x 1080) recording format.

The RX1 incorporates the brand new white magic LCD display technology. Unlike conventional LCD panels that use red, green & blue pixels, the white magic panel incorporates a fourth white pixel. This greatly increases the screen’s brightness making it easier to get the perfect shot while shooting in glarey conditions.

Price yet to be disclosed.

Available in store mid November.

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