Sony World Photography Awards

The World Photography Organisation (WPO), which organises and operates the Sony World Photography Awards has announced the launch of its first global 3D awards for video and photography.

3D video and photography can give a whole new look to video and photographic compositions, adding astonishing levels of depth, clarity and realism. The 3D photography competition has two categories: ‘3D Panoramic’ and ‘3D Still’. The 3D video competition is open to 3D videos of all genres. Entries will be sought from cameras and video cameras that use true 3D technology.

The Sony World Photography Awards are free to enter. Photographers and videographers have until 4 January 2012 to submit their entry. The winner will be announced at a prestigious ceremony in London in April 2012 and will receive prizes including Sony products with 3D technology. Further details about the World Photography Organisation and Sony World Photography Awards may be found at:

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