The Best Stocking Gifts for Photographers

Christmas is quickly approaching and while you may have the bigger presents sorted, you might find yourself stumped when it comes to stocking presents.

This list is designed to help you come up with some fabulous stocking stuffer ideas for photographers. With everything we’ve listed below containing gifts for under $50, you’ll quickly find something out there for the special photographer in your life. 

Microfiber cloths

Every photographer will understand the importance of a clean lens and will carry at least one microfibre cleaning cloth in their bag. But these little accessories have a knack of getting misplaced. 

Inexpensive and petite, microfibre cloths are great stocking gift ideas as they’re a versatile accessory for photographers. Photographers can use them to wipe down their camera and their LCD screen or to dry moisture off the lens. 

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A LensPen

A great alternative to the microfibre cloth (although you’ll often find both in many photographers’ camera kits) is the LensPen

This compact pen fits snugly in both camera bag and stocking and helps clean the lens and filter from dirt and smudges with its dual retractable brush and soft cleaning tool. 

As with cleaning cloths, these pens tend to get lost, broken, or simply need replacing so they’re the perfect stocking gift. 

A sensor blower

A must-have for any dedicated photographer, a sensor blower will help blow dust and grift off the lens element before it’s wiped down with a cleaning cloth. 

Once again, sensor blowers are invaluable, affordable, and compact enough to fit in a stocking, making them a great Christmas present. 

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A spare memory card

Any avid photographer will quickly fill their memory card, no matter its capacity. The gift of a spare memory card will be endlessly appreciated. Of all the different types of memory cards, SD cards are the most popular storage option; if you want to really impress, go for a Class 10 card with 64GB storage. 

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A new camera strap

One of those special treats that many photographers would love but put off buying is a nice new camera strap. 

A great choice is a ProMaster contour neoprene strap, which is comfortable on the neck and comes in a range of colours so you can personalise it more for the photographer. 

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A mini tripod

If you really want to impress that photographer in your life, why not buy them a tripod? There are plenty of options you can find for under $50.

The ProMaster TRM-3 mini tripod is a tiny aluminium tripod that can fit easily into a handbag, camera bag, or, most importantly, that Christmas stocking.

You can even invest in the full-sized yet lightweight Inca i330G tripod complete with carry bag.

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Spare film

Perhaps the photographer in your life has a film camera or an instant camera. Film photography isn’t a cheap hobby and your photographer will appreciate nothing more than some spare film to help stock up their supplies. 

Just make sure you buy the right film for their particular type of camera and they’ll be good to go with the snaps on Christmas morning. 

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A camera rain cover

Outdoor photographers will particularly appreciate the thought that goes into a rain cover stocking gift to help safeguard their equipment when they’re out and about. 

Rain covers are often designed with particular equipment in mind, such as Canon’s series of rain covers in varying sizes or the MindShift Gear Horizon rain cover, designed specifically to fit over the Horizon backpack. 

A lens pouch

A lens pouch is a wonderful accessory for any photography with a range of lenses. A gift such as the ProMaster neoprene lens pouch will help them protect their valuable equipment. 

Lens pouches come in a range of sizes designed specifically for different lens types, so it’s best to familiarise yourself with your recipient’s equipment before you choose the right pouch for their needs. 

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Ready to finish off your present shopping and start enjoying the festive season? Check out our extensive selection of camera accessories to find some fantastic gift ideas for your loved ones.

Not sure what they might want or need? Pop into your nearest Camera House store to chat with one of our expert staff today. 

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