The highly anticipated DJI Osmo is here



The highly anticipated DJI Osmo has arrived! This device allows you to reimagine movement with its state of the art technology creating stability and eliminating blur like never before . Designed for amateurs and professionals, the Osmo is perfect for capturing all of life’s great moments from the perfect selfie to your next adrenaline packed adventure. Lets take a look at all the features that make this gadget one of our top picks for 2016.

See the World Like Never Before

The Osmo has an automatic panorama feature allowing you to rotate the camera and capture images whilst ensure the camera stays completely level. Perfect for the avid traveler, you can capture all the majestic sites you discover with just the tap of a button.


Long Exposure Without a Tripod

Stabilising your movement, the Osmo allows you to capture long exposures without a tripod. With the ability to capture stills of up to 2 seconds, or even longer with a bit of practice, you can capture night time cityscapes with ease. By erasing the need for a tripod, this camera means you can capture the moment as soon as inspiration strikes.


Advanced Stabilisation

For the first time in a hand held device, you can eliminate your movements and create a streamline video. The Osmo’s 3-axis gimble knows how the device is moving, allowing it to correct for your movements every second. It uses advance algorithms to keep the camera perfectly still no matter how you move. This level of precision is possible by of DJI’s unique ultra fast, custom made processor, operating at speeds that allow the system to compensate for motion in real-time. The video below illustrates the difference between a traditional action camera and the DJI Osmo, showing the effectiveness of this gadgets stabilisation technology.


Power in your Palm

The grip of the Osmo has been carefully engineered to ensure ultimate comfort and convenience for the user. With all vital controls placed within close proximity of the thumb, the device has been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The cleverly designed Phone Holder allows you to view what your camera sees and offers you access to all the Osmo’s intelligent shooting modes with the tap of a finger.

DJO Osmo Hand Held


Remote Control Access

All of  Dji’s smart shooting modes can be controlled and triggered via the DJI GO app available for download on your smartphone. The DJI GO app allows you to shoot as if you were holding the camera in your hands giving you complete control of everything from the shutter spead to the ISO. Mount the Osmo on a tripod or any of the other accessories available, step back and control the camera from a distance.

Perfect Vision

Working with the devices stabilisation system, the Osmo’s Zenmuse X3 brings you 4K video at 24,25 or 30 frames per second. With the benefits of a large M4/3 sensor it can capture photos at 12 megapixels in Adobe DNG RAW opening up a whole new world of possibilities .

Sleep Mode

Are you guilty of putting your devices down without turning them off, causing you to rapidly chew through your battery. The Osmo utilises an intelligent technology, automatically entering sleep mode after a set amount of time. As soon as you are ready to start shooting again, the device will wake up immediately and be ready to go. This not only improves the battery life of your Osmo but it also increases the lifespan of its advanced technologies.


With an integrated microphone, the Osmo has advanced controls like audio gain settings so you can be sure that you are capturing every element of the moment. You are also able to plug in your own microphone with it’s standard 3.5mm port. This state of the art device is changing the way we view the world. Utilising a range of advanced technologies, the Osmo allows the controller to capture and replay moments to share with family and friends life never before. Whether you are trekking through the amazon, enjoying the sites of Tokyo or simply capturing a family milestone, it allows you to seize the moment and preserve memories with the tap of a finger.

Advanced audio












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