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Camera House’s strategic marketing manager, Adam Slattery, has always been a photo buff – he credits his mother’s passion for photography as sparking his initial interest in the field and recalls his Dad hauling out the family camera for many a happy snap over the years.

Adam first began his Camera House journey some six years ago as a marketing assistant, these days he’s responsible for the marketing strategy of the whole company. Today, his job involves everything from brand positioning to generating customer loyalty programs and most recently assisting in the development of the new Camera House website which will see the company move away from the traditional retail site to present a new website that embraces user generated content.

According to Adam, the new site will feature “ratings and reviews on each individual product, from store owners, staff, photo journalists and consumers alike” providing potential camera buyers with the opportunity to “read and understand thoughts from other people before purchasing their own camera”.

“Further to that we also have an online gallery that highlights images actually taken on that specific camera so you can identify the quality and type of shots taken,” adds Adam. Key to the success of the new site is user generated content and Camera House will be encouraging shooters to register a profile then upload their images online to share with others.

Adam says there will be “a range of different incentives” to attract photographers and encourage them to upload their shots: “from trips overseas to the ultimate prize of shooting for Camera House on a contract! “The Camera House photographer will have their work included throughout Camera House’s advertising across all mediums and have help to build their own profile.”

The new Camera House site is aimed at everyone with an interest in photography from the complete newbie to the pro shooter: “The web site is focused on information,” says Adam. “Whether it be product rating and reviews, hints and tips or how to guides. It allows us to share that information with the consumer, for them to select the right camera, accessory or information needed to get the most from their photography and it assists us in building relationships with a good strong customer base.”

Adam concedes that photography means different things to different people: “Photography can be everyday shots, a hobby or a profession,” says Adam, “so the Camera House website will accommodate various levels of photography and then utilise those photographers offline in the Better Pictures magazine, establish resident photographers via our website and social media and also use their images to represent Camera House. The range of photography will speak for itself. Ultimately we will want to have a national road show of the best shots from the online gallery and invite our VIPs for exclusive nights with brand ambassadors.”

Adam believes peer ratings and reviews will be integral to the site’s success. “Photographer, staff and customer ratings and reviews are core to the site and is where the customers can learn from other people’s experiences with product and photography tips. Further to that we will be working with key brand ambassadors to discuss photography techniques and coaching. Camera House will be working with the entries to tap into Australia’s up and coming photographers and also work with young photographers to realise their dreams.”

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  • This sounds like a great campaign to launch the business into the everyday digital world of photographers enthusiests and prosumers.

    Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year!


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