The new Olympus Stylus Traveller SH-50 oozes high-performance

The new Stylus Traveller SH-50 incorporates the latest Olympus technologies in digital optics, image stabilisation and image processing to deliver exceptional big zoom performance with class-leading photo and video quality.

As an ideal travel compact camera that’s perfect for a wide range of photography from wildlife, sport, nature and landscapes, to capturing the fun at parties and even indoor stage photography, the Stylus SH-50 helps you capture both extremely wide vistas and distant scenes with outstanding clarity. Its high-performance 24x zoom lens (25-600mm*) utilises the same optical technology found in Olympus professional SLR lenses. Its superb close focus distance of just 40cm at the longest telephoto setting enables dramatic macro photography with beautiful background blurring. This remarkably compact ‘do-it-all’ lens represents the cutting-edge of Olympus optical engineering.

For clear, shake-free photos and videos in low-light, night-scenes, and longer zoom lens settings, a brand new image stabilisation (IS) technology has been specially developed for the Stylus SH-50. Developed from the world’s most-effective stabilisation technology of the best-selling OM-D compact system camera, this special IS system uses a new ‘floating’ sensor-shift technology to provide outstanding stabilisation performance that rivals or betters many SLR cameras and video cameras; setting a new standard for compact cameras. Advanced 3-axis (pitch, yaw, lens axis rotation) sensor-shift IS is activated during normal still photography, and for video-recording, the quality of the Stylus SH-50’s stabilisation betters even high-end video cameras with its hybrid 5-axis IS system (combining both sensor shift and video-optimised digital stabilisation to compensate for camera shake in the horizontal and vertical translational directions).

The Stylus SH-50 has a range of sophisticated video features that takes movie recording to a new level. Select between 60i or 30p recording modes to optimise video recording quality for smooth action clips (60i), or for clearer video detail and the ability to extract a very high quality still frame (30p). For dramatic superslow motion video playback of fast movements, the SH-50’s high-speed sensor and image processor combine to enable high-speed video capture at up to 120 frames per second in superb HD (1280×720) resolution (or 240 frames per second at near-HVGA (432×324) resolution). With Super Resolution Zoom, the zoom range of the SH-50 reaches an incredible 1200mm at full extension, providing the ability to capture high-quality videos from afar – e.g., film super slow motion sports action footage on the field even when you’re sitting in the stands. With its Multi-Recording technology, the SH-50 evern enables you freely capture full 16 megapixel snapshots when you’re filming in Full HD.

Olympus’ iHS (intelligent High Speed & High Sensitivity) technology equips the Stylus SH-50 with extremely quick start up speed, fast autofocus performance, and high camera responsiveness. Full 16 megapixel shots can be captured at up to 10 frames per second (60 fps at 3MP); ideal for multi-shot sport action sequences. With its BSI-CMOS image sensor and TruePic VI DSLR-class image processor, the SH-50 captures high-clarity, vibrant images across a wide ISO range (100-6400). Designed to please both photography novices and power-users alike, the Stylus Traveller SH-50 is equipped with a wide nselection of exposure modes. Choose from a highly accurate iAuto setting, 17 pre-determined Scene Select picture modes, or use full manual exposure to fully control aperture and shutter speed settings. With its sensitive touch screen, Touch AF functionality enables precise focus at whichever part in the scene your finger touches on the LCD screen. Touch and glide fingertip-control enables convenient playback of captured photos and video. FlashAir card support enables the direct and wireless transfer of photographs to social media sites via smartphones and tablets powered by the Olympus OI.Share app (available free for both iOS and Android).


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