The Next Gen of DSLRS

SLRs have come a long way since Kodak launched the first camera, the DSC 100 nearly 20 years ago. Taking the notion that still cameras and digital cameras should operate similarly, Kodak developed a camera body that shared the pentaprism and mirror of its analogue counterpart but replaced the film with a sensor and screen…

Whilst advances in technology have enabled faster and faster shutter speeds, better image reproduction and the like, as far as camera bodies go, little has changed over the past decade. That is until the last year or so when a camera we like to call the compact pro hit the market.

These hybrid cameras eliminated the mirror system (a la Panasonic and co.) to provide shooters with a smaller form factor camera that sported many of the features of a traditional DSLR including the all important option to extend your kit with interchangeable lenses expanding the camera’s use.

This month the major players have once again upped the ante by taking technological advances into the digital photography arena. Canon, Nikon and Sony are launching their latest cameras to vie for your affection and your hard earned dollars. Competition is fierce and for camera aficionados it spells great news – as each manufacturer seems to be pushing the other to greater feats… including the likes of Sony’s Translucent Mirror System, Nikon’s replacement for the D3000 and Canon’s EOS 60D. Meet the next generation of digital… They’re sure to capture your heart.

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