The Olympus Vision Project


Are you Creative? Do you love Olympus? And do you have a vision?

Then the Olympus Vision Project is exactly what you are looking for.

What is ‘The Olympus Vision Project’?

Olympus Imaging Australia are offering the opportunity to make your vision come true. The Olympus Vision Project is an open call to Australian and New Zealand residents who have a creative passion project they wish to pursue. It provides you the opportunity to create and share projects that are of importance and interest to you and offers the chance to make them a reality.

Olympus Imaging Australia prides itself on the support it offers the photographic community and see’s this as a chance to give back to all the creatives out there who make their business what it is today.

What’s on offer?

$100,000 in grants and all the latest Olympus gear!

Whether it be teaching photography to the disadvantaged, exploring an exotic location , documenting a story from under represented communities, publishing a book or wanting to exhibit your work, Olympus are wanting to see all the inspiring projects that drive creativity. They are committed to advancing your passion, and for that they are offering $100,000 AUD in total creative grants and all the latest Olympus gear to help fuel your creative visions.

These chances don’t come around often so make sure you enter today to brings your visions to life.


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  • David Bowen says:

    I have been away from photography for around 30 years and have just re-kindled my passion with the purchase of an OMD E5MKII. Photography is reminding me of the different ways to see the world around us; it’s beauty, it’s fragility, something that had faded over the years.

    Some 20 years ago, before the world of GPS, pda’s, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, I envisioned going to an area and using a portable device once could call up a map and display all of the flora and fauna of that place. Not having the resources then, that the boat has sadly long gone with our modern mobile technology.

    I am now wanting to do more with my photography. A particular interest of mine is photographing birds; something I have not yet mastered. I do not have the Pro lenses, due to budgetary reasons, which I am sure will assist me in improving. My personal library has a book titled “What Bird is that?”, authored and illustrated by Neville W. Cayley and revised by Terence Lindsay. This is a book of Neville’s water colour images of Australian birds and is complimented by photographs by Arnold McGill and A. R. McEvey. It would be fantastic, exiting, fulfilling and an honour to be able to afford the equipment, time and resources to travel around Australia searching out and recording images of each of the birds recorded. I could maybe even produce my own Ebook of these works.

    I have a lot to learn but this passion is burning; help me quench the flames and fulfill this vision.

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