The Ultimate View – Winner & Top 10

‘The Ultimate View’ drone photography competition was held throughout the months of March & April. Knowing that drones have bought a whole new level of photography to the mix, we knew we see some amazing photography but what we received has blown us away! Todd Kennedy took out the major prize, a stunning capture of camels and their shadows on a picture perfect beach. This standout photo caught the attention of the judges straight away. The delicate colour pallet accentuated by the execution of the subject(s) made for a winning image, simple but extremely effective. Congratulations again Todd.

So you don’t miss out on seeing some of the other entrants we put together out top 10 drone pics. These beautiful and unique photos show exactly why drone photography is really taking off in Australia.

Todd Kennedy


Top 10
Arun Sen

Arun Sen_Blog

Kyle Bowman

Kyle Bowman_Blog

Ben Edmonds


Steve Pelepczuk

Steve Pelepczuk_Blog

Darren Reichel

Darren Reichel_Blog

Brad Twining

Brad Twining_blog

Colin Dunleavey

Colin Dunleavey_Blog

David Henry

David Henry_Blog

Wacharachat Vaiyaboon

Wacharachat Vaiyaboon_Blog

Nelson Corbett

Nelson Corbett_Blog

There are a great range of drones available for all different ability and interest levels, anyone can now get involved with what’s fast becoming one of the biggest game changers in the industry.

Take a look at our range of drones here.

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