Through the lens of our winner – Bart Thomas

What camera did you use?
Canon EOS 7D & Canon EFS 10-22 lens

What settings did you use?
Shutter Priority
Exposure time    1/1000
F-stop                f/13
ISO                   400
Focal Length      10mm
No flash
Holding the camera still (not panning) with AF-Servo mode and High Speed Burst.

What inspired this shot?
Liam, the rider in the photo, said to me “make it look BIG” as he pushed back up the hill, and with a great backdrop at the location, i wanted to try and get the size of the jump with the MacDonnell Ranges all in the photo and the clouds around that day just added to the whole effect. So i laid low in the grass next to the take off and reeled off a series of shots as he went by. Nice of him to throw the 1 hander in the mix too!

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program?
Yep, i use Lightroom 3. I increased the blacks & contrast, increased the fill light to get a bit more detail from the shadows made by the clouds. dropped down the saturation and a slight tone adjustment, and that was pretty much it.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers?
Don’t be afraid to move around to look at the subject from a different perspective. move away from just taking a photo at eye level and get down in the dirt, or up a tree!

Where was this photo taken?
This is up in the hills just out of Alice Springs. (looking rather green after the unusual amount of rain this year!)

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