Through the lens of our winner Michelle

What camera did you use? My old Canon 400D, my first DSLR camera.

What settings did you use? ISO200 (poor old 400D didn’t handle high ISO very well), 24-105L lens at f/4, focal length of 28mm, and (I can’t believe my shutter speed!) 1/15sec.

What inspired this shot? I used to do quite a lot of self portraits, I found it useful to practice my photography and editing skills – and I was always available when I needed myself 🙂  I like to use props (hats, feather boas etc) and I thought the magnifying glass might be fun.

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program? I used Photoshop.  I love experimenting with different editing styles, although it was all very new to me back then so it was probably fairly basic editing.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers? Shoot lots and have fun!  I’m guilty of not getting out my camera often enough to shoot fun stuff just for me – and that’s the best way to learn.  Most of my skills (if you can call them that) have come from experimenting – both with the camera and with Photoshop.

Where was this photo taken? My spare bathroom.  It was a regular little studio for my self portraits – and it used to get pretty crowded in there too!  I used only natural light from a huge window, camera set up on a tripod (2 of the three legs had to be in the bath because the room is pretty small), cordless shutter release, and the plain painted wall for my background.

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