6 Reasons Why You Need a Time Lapse Camera

Time lapse photography strings together pictures taken over time to give the illusion of time moving quickly. There’s no specific limit to how long a time lapse shoot can last – you can record anything from a sunset to months of construction work.

Many cameras and even smartphones today come with time lapse capabilities, so why get a dedicated time lapse camera? We’ve listed just some of the reasons below!

You’ll get high quality video and stills

Many time lapse cameras come with special capabilities, such as the ability to record in night modes or with an HDR sensor. Some even convert captured stills automatically into HD 1280 x 720 or even 4k videos.

The results of time lapse photography look like a video, yet they are actually a series of still images stitched together. And with many time lapse cameras offering RAW file capability, you can get high quality images as well as videos. 

You can record at a wider angle

Dedicated time lapse cameras typically come with lenses with a panoramic angle that lets you film a wider scene.

The Brinno BCC200, for example, uses a 112° field of view, which offers a comparatively wider area than the kit lens of any other camera.

You can also buy dedicated interchangeable lenses, such as the Brinno 18-55mm f/1.2, which produces shallow depth of field effects, great low light results, and a superb wide angle.

You can record long term

Recording beyond just a few hours with a camera or a smartphone will be a challenge when it comes to time lapse photography. 

Yet with a dedicated time lapse camera, you can record months’ worth of footage. You can show the erection of a new building over months in a matter of minutes.

Take the AA battery-powered Brinno TLC200, which can record 80 continuous days of activity if it captures an image every 30 minutes. 

You can record in all weather conditions and environments

snow falling on village

Many time lapse cameras are built for sturdier environments, allowing you to document outdoor events, such as construction projects and environmental phenomena.

Purpose-built time lapse cameras for construction projects are made with strong, industrial-grade aluminium alloy clamps that can be fixed onto a range of surfaces from pipes to tree branches. 

Time lapse videos are created automatically

Instead of needing to stitch together your stills in post-processing, most time lapse cameras automatically create high-quality videos so you can simply upload and watch. 

Many time lapse cameras even instantly compress the videos into smaller files so you can play them back on smart devices with ease.

They’re designed specifically for project monitoring

One of the main reasons for recording time lapse videos is to monitor a job site or construction project. 

Specific time lapse cameras are designed with these needs in mind and come with features that automatically capture and edit frames into project documentation, facilitating archiving. 

Find the right time lapse camera for your needs

Whether you want to artistically record stunning streetscapes or outdoor phenomena or you’re looking for a time lapse camera for your specific work project, there are plenty of choices available.

Camera House has a wide selection of time lapse cameras available online. Browse our selection or visit us in-store for some helpful advice on the best camera for your needs.

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