Bucket List Hikes from Around the World

Hiking and photography can go hand in hand and when it is done properly, the outcome is absolutely breathtaking. Most natural trails open up the gates to see some of natures most incredible creations. Between untouched waterfalls and towering glaciers, if you take your camera along for the ride you can capture some jaw dropping photography. If you’re a keen hiker, make sure to check out our favourite 5 Hiking spots to capture some of nature’s gorgeous formations.

Yosemite National Park, USA


River in Yosemite National Park


One of the more well-known places on our list is the Yosemite National Park which can be found within California’s Sierra Nevada mountains and offers you many trails, suitable for all levels of hikers.

When you are trailing throughout Yosemite you will come across some of the most impressive natural offerings. From it’s well-known waterfalls through to deep valleys and much more in between, you will be consumed into a world of stunning landscapes. If you decide to hike this incredible park, you will want to save every minute, so make sure you pack your best landscape lens and a few spare batteries so you can capture incredible photos like this one.

Machu Picchu, Peru


Machu Picchu, Peru

We all know someone who has either trekked Machu Picchu or has it on their bucket-list and we think this is for very good reason. Machu Picchu stands 2430m above sea level in the middle of a tropical mountain forest in a majestically, beautiful setting. The 15th century stone city is located high in the Andes and after a 4 day hike from Cusco, the Inca capital, you will be blessed by the most historically stunning village high above the clouds. You will have the chance to see the Temple of the Sun, which was constructed around a large boulder offering breathtaking views of the Sacred Valley below and explore it’s gorgeous 15th century terraces.

Taking in all the history is why we love this hike. Understanding the past of this incredible structure and how picturesque everything around it is, is only something you will appreciate once you have seen it.

Arctic Circle Trail, Greenland


Arctic Circle Trail courtesy of The Expert Vagabond

The Arctic Circle Trail is a special place on Earth that usually takes around 9-11 days to complete. For the standard hiker, this is not a familiar trail but WOW…it is a spectacular one. By deciding to walk this trail you agree to emerge yourself into a remote universe where you listen to your own thoughts and take in the views. This walk combines the icey countryside, with the coastline that is beautifully green.

This is definitely a trail that is for the advanced and prepared hiker. If that doesn’t sound like you, we could only suggest you keep on working on your hiking skills, as this walk is well worth every second.

The Overland Track, Australia


The Overland Track in Tasmania courtesy of Tasmanian Life

Australia, as a whole has so much natural beauty to offer, so as we had to pick just one we selected The Overland Track located in Tasmania. The Overland Track is Australia’s premier alpine walk. It’s a 65 km, six-day trek through the heart of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, which makes this one of the great wilderness bushwalks Australia has to offer. You will see where ancient pines border glacial lakes and icy streams flow down rugged mountains.

It provides you an opportunity to get involved with the amazing natural combination that Cradle mountain has to offer you.

The Haute Route, France & Switzerland


The Haute Route courtesy of Zicasso Handcrafted Travel

This trail is definitely the coldest on our list. This walk lets you cross the Alps from Chamonix (French Alps) to Zermatt (Swiss Alps). The Haute Route is a spectacular trek and is definitely the most strenuous of the list. Within the 10-12 day hike you will agree to cross the summits of 10 out of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, and several high passes. This one is not an easy one, but the dream of Winter Wonderland comes alive.

It may be a hard trek to complete but it is all worth it for the Winter Wonderland that awaits you. With an untouched world of glaciers and towering, snow-capped peaks you will feel a sense of achievement when you get to the finish line of this one. You will also pass through green alpine valleys with flower-covered meadows and picturesque villages. If you are up for it, then you should book today, you will not regret it!

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