Transform a moment into art

The Ricoh CX4 is the ultimate lite weight compact camera for the creative photographer, boasting a large 10.4x Optical wide-angle zoom lens, macro shooting, high quality images with high sensitivity, improved image stabilisation from previous models, AF tracking… I could go on all day!

Offering more power and control than your average compact camera, Ricoh’s new CX4 has been designed for photographers who want to take their craft to new heights of creative expression. Photographers need simply choose the desired mode then press the shutter release button for unique results that capture the essence of their imaginations.

The CX4 really is for the photographer looking for a convenient and compact camera that still allows creative freedom within their shooting.  Awarded ‘Consumer Digital Compact Camera of the Year‘ for 2010-2011 from Camera reflects it sought after nature within the photographic industry.

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