4 Easy Ways to Get Your Pictures Noticed

Using the wide range of social media tools at your disposal could help you get your name out there as an amateur photographer or find new business if you’re a pro.

There are many tools and social networks that can help you build your social media presence. To help you get started here are four easy ways to promote your photos.

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1. Always Include a Watermark

No-one likes intrusive watermarks. They can make it difficult to really appreciate an image and might take away from the overall effect.

But using a small watermark will ensure your images can always be traced back to their source. Sometimes, you can also include them in subtle ways in the picture, just as artists do in their paintings. You could embed your watermark in the brickwork or on a tree branch, for example.

If you plan to sell the prints of images you’re sharing for free, don’t upload a high resolution copy. A lower resolution image will do the trick.

2. Take Advantage of Social Networks

As a photographer, whatever social networks you choose to share your artwork should be known for their visual elements. Facebook and Instagram are ideal, because you can quickly upload samples of your work with little fuss or promotion.

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It’s particularly helpful to create Facebook pages, rather than personal profiles. Pages have a more professional look and give you further options to encourage people to contact you.

A helpful way to get the word out is to tag the subjects in the photos you promote, whether they are a bride and groom or a local cafe.

You can also use social networks to collaborate with other photographers and artists or to form partnerships with other businesses.

3. Enter Competitions

If you’re following other people from your industry, you will soon learn about international and local competitions. Everyone from your local council to the Australian Geographic host photography competitions from time to time.

The prize money is just a bonus; what you’re really after is exposure to your photographs. Shortlisted pictures and winning shots are usually featured on the publication throughout the competition.

The Australian Photographic Society features a strong list of competitions. Even here at Camera House, we run out own regular competitions, such as Photo Friday. Sign up to our newsletter if you want to hear about the latest competitions.

4. Offer Local Businesses a Free Photo Shoot

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Local businesses like cafes love to see their hard work captured in professional, creative, sharp images. Capture their business in an original way and give them the files to share on their own social media pages (make sure your pictures have a watermark!). You could even create a photo book or canvas for them to display on their premises.

Another idea is to loan your work to doctor’s suites. People will soon pay attention to that gorgeous landscape shot – and if the doctor is running late, they might just soon creep closer to discover the photographer!

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