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When Camera House launched their Facebook page, they unleashed a swell of creativity from local photographers eager to show off their wares in the Photo Friday comps… Building a web presence where consumers are actively engaged with your brand is no mean feat but that is exactly what Camera House has achieved online with their Facebook group, which actively asks shooters, both professional and amateur and everything in between, to get involved. Ellyce Griffiths Camera House Graphic Designer: “The main objective behind starting the Camera House Facebook page was to build community where people passionate about photography could come and share their images with others alike, learn from one another and be challenged week on week within the Photo Friday competition.”

For Camera House, it was important that the users experience would be active, rather than passive. As such, the marketing team have come up with a series of ideas to keep the punters coming back for more – from weekly competitions to news blasts. It has provided the Camera House photo community with a place that they can showcase their best images and get bragging rights at the same time. It also allows them to stay informed about the latest photographic trends. Craig Cheney Camera House Marketing Assistant: “We’ve witnessed the growth in popularity of the Facebook Photo Friday competition with a large number of new people joining the group on a weekly basis. This has created a community with a common goal of taking better pictures.”

Griffiths’ also been pleasantly surprised by the community nature of the group, where pros shooters and amateurs seem happy to rub shoulders. “It’s great to see a nice synergy between the pros and amateurs, we’re always seeing people getting equipment advice, technique guidance and the list goes on. The amateurs are on the Camera House Facebook group to learn from the older and wiser photographers and it’s great to watch. This community is building some really great photography friendships.” With so many opportunities on offer and such a friendly vibe in the group, Griffiths encourages anyone with an interest in photography to LIKE Camera House on Facebook and get involved with the comps… “If you’re a beginner, enthusiast or even a pro… There really is something for everyone! Come and join in, get involved and have fun!”

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