Excellent Camera Bags to Protect Your Photography Gear

Photography isn’t the cheapest hobby, with your photography gear often costing you upwards of a grand for the good quality stuff. But that’s why it’s so important to protect your camera, lenses and photography accessories with a camera bag.

A good camera bag won’t only have room for your DSLR and lenses. It must also have quality padding, soft inner materials, and a rugged exterior.

Finding the best camera bag doesn’t have to be a hassle. Wherever you plan to take your camera, a quality bag that suits your needs is essential.

These are the best camera bags for DSLRs, GoPros and even photography drones. Whether you are planning to take your camera hiking, or just heading into the city, these bags will protect your camera wherever you go.

Camera Bag for Travel

Lowepro Pro Runner RL X450 AW II Rolling Bag

Lowepro Pro Runner RL X450 AW II Rolling Bag

If you are the jet-setting type, you will need a camera bag that you can take with you all over the world. The Lowepro Pro Runner RL X450 AW II camera bag is one of the best bags for travel.

It will take you from the airport, up and down the stairs in a subway, and on walking tours through the most exciting international cities.

Unlike other bags, you won’t have to choose between a roller bag and a backpack, because this fantastic bag is both! This makes it ideal for travel, wherever you’re off to.

The Best Backpack Camera Bag

MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Horizon Backpack

MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Horizon Backpack

Looking for the ultimate backpack camera bag? Look no further than MindShift’s awesome Gear Rotation 180 Horizon backpack.

Not only will it protect your camera, lenses and photography accessories, it is designed to make it easy to reach your gear.

With this bag, you won’t have to take the bag off to access your camera when the perfect shot arises. You can simply rotate the belt pack and gain access to your DSLR. It’s the perfect companion for hiking.

Protective Bag for Your Drone

Lowepro Droneguard CS 300 Backpack

Lowepro Droneguard CS 300 Backpack

Photography drones are the cool new thing, but in order to take flight, they have to be lightweight, which can make them fragile.

Keeping your photography drone protected in a specially designed bag in between flights will ensure your drone stays in top-notch condition.

The Lowepro Droneguard is a great backpack. It has room for your drone and accessories, along with a rigid shell, and it fits the popular Parrot BeBop drones.

GoPro Camera Bags

GoPro Seeker Day Pack

GoPro Seeker Day Pack

This GoPro camera bag is the perfect bag to take on your adventure. If you own a GoPro, you probably understand the importance of lightweight gear. That’s why they’ve designed a bag that won’t weigh you down.

The Seeker Day Pack is designed to integrate with GoPro mounts and accessories and will hold all your GoPro gear. It’s weather resistant, while the high-quality padding will protect your cameras and accessories.

GoPro understands the needs of adventurers. That’s why they’ve even included a space for a water bladder, so you can stay hydrated.

Stylish Camera Bags

ONA Bowery Camera Bag

ONA Bowery Camera Bag

You don’t have to choose style over substance; sometimes you can have both! For a camera bag that looks like a stylish handbag, or a hip satchel, look no further than ONA.

The Bowery Camera Bag is both stylish and versatile. With room to carry a couple of lenses, this bag is perfect for a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

It has water-resistant waxed canvas, and leather and antique brass details. Perfect for the chic photographer touring the bustling city, looking for the perfect pic.

Affordable Holster Camera Bag

Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW II Galaxy Bag

Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW II Galaxy Bag

Of course, if simplicity is the most important factor for you, a holster camera bag is a great option. The Lowepro Toploader Zoom camera bag is made from quality materials and will protect your camera, lenses, and accessories.

For fantastic bags to protect your photography gear, see Camera House’s full range of camera bags in our online store.

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