What Camera is Right for Me?

Whether you’re looking to replace an old camera or you want to up your photography game, you may be wondering what type of camera is best for you.

There are so many types of cameras these days, it’s completely normal to be a little confused. You’ve got easy point-and-shoot cameras, professional DSLRs, and plenty of cameras in between.

Whatever you are looking for, this list will explain the pros and cons of each type of camera to help you make the right decision for you.

Compact Cameras

If you are looking for an affordable camera to take with you on a trip, or just to take photos of the family, a compact camera is a great place to start.

Nikon Compact Camera

They’re simple enough to use and make great first cameras for kids who have shown an interest in photography.

They are small and lightweight, so they won’t take up a lot of room in your bag. They also come with some pretty impressive features, like facial recognition and advanced settings and effects.

Many compact cameras also allow you to capture HD video. Some compact cameras are even waterproof.

Pros: Compact cameras are versatile, easy-to-use, compact and affordable.

Cons: Lower quality images than other cameras, and less ability to play with settings.

Action Cameras

If you’re looking for a camera that you can take with you on your adventures, an action camera might be perfect for you.

GoPro Action Camera

Action cameras are compact video cameras that can capture high-quality stills and even 4K video. They’re rugged and can withstand the toughest conditions.

Action cameras are smaller and lighter than most cameras and can be used in conjunction with a range of accessories. With waterproof housings you can take your action camera surfing or scuba diving.

Even better, these cameras can be mounted to almost anything. Mount it on your body … Or even on a remote control drone so you can capture amazing aerial shots.

Pros: Action cameras are well-suited to rugged conditions. They’re easy-to-use and come with a lot of accessories.

Cons: You can’t really experiment with settings, and you’re stuck with a wide field of view.

Compact System Cameras

When you’re travelling, you don’t want to lug around a heavy camera. But for something as important as holiday snaps, you won’t want to sacrifice quality. In this case, you should think about getting a compact system camera.

Sony Compact System Camera

Also known as mirrorless cameras, these cameras do away with the interior mirror that sits inside a DSLR. Doing so makes these cameras lighter and more compact.

You’ll be able to experiment with settings as they come with many of the same features as a DSLR. But you don’t need to abandon quality. Mirrorless cameras have a higher image quality than compact cameras and can even rival some DSLRs.

There are many lens options for mirrorless cameras. The compact size of these cameras mean you’ll be able to pack more lenses and accessories into your camera bag, meaning more creative options on your trip!

Pros: More compact than a DSLR, with the same features, interchangeable lenses, and high image quality.

Cons: Some DSLRs still outdo compact system cameras, and many don’t come with a viewfinder.

DSLR Cameras

DSLR cameras, or digital single-lens reflex cameras, are for those looking to capture professional-grade photographs.

Canon DSLR Camera

They come with large sensors, which is why DSLRs capture images at the highest quality of all cameras. You’ll be able to capture better low-light images and you can typically take HD video too.

With DSLRs, you can adjust settings and find lenses for almost any situation. There are far more lenses available for DSLRs than for mirrorless cameras.

There also tons of accessories for DSLRs, whether you need a tripod for shooting landscape photography, or studio lighting gear to capture the perfect portrait.

Pros: For the best image quality, you can’t go wrong with a DSLR. They give you complete control over settings and have a wide range of lenses.

Cons: They can be heavy and bulky – not ideal if you’re walking around with it all day.

If you need more help in choosing the right camera for you, visit us in-store for expert advice. Or for a huge range of cameras and accessories, check out our online store today!


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    (snif) what about us sonyphiles? No Nex or A77. Love what they are doing and can’t wait for a look at the RX100!

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