What is Canon TruCapture?


Canon have always been a true competitor with their huge range of compact cameras, recently you would have noticed in their marketing the implementation of TruCapture, now what is it? TruCapture is a collaborative of advanced elements to ensure the best end result when pressing the shutter button. Lets break it down by their tag line, ‘true colour, true clarity, true to life.’

True Colour
This ensures that the colour of your photo remains true to life. There is nothing more frustrating when you’re looking at something excitingly vibrant and then when you take a photo it is dull and lifeless. TruCapture encapsulates vibrant and lively colour just the way in which you see it with the naked eye. Struggling with low light situations is now a thing of the past; sunsets, indoor photography you name it – TruCapture will get it right first time every time.

True Clarity
An element we should all find useful. Moving subjects are captured with clear, crisp detail thanks to TruCapture. Even in poor lighting your Canon compact will get that desired shot you’re after, there is no blurriness and fuzziness just a sharp focused photo.

True to Life
Photos taken with a Canon TruCapture camera are so true to life it’s like reliving your memories every time, with every photo. Each expression and experience is captured faithfully with accurate colour and clarity, preserving your precious memories so that your photos take you back instantly.

Now that’s all well and good to tell you what the Canon compact range will be able to do for you but how exactly can all of this be in a tiny little compact, how does it work?

Optical Image Stabilizer Lens
The lens in a Canon TruCapture camera will always be optically stabilized and manufactured to tolerances as fine as Canon’s professional EOS lenses. This means that colour and detail will not be distorted, and that blur from hand held camera shake will be suppressed.

DiG!C 4 Image Processor
This is where the magic really happens. DiG!C 4 has been designed from the ground up to handle the rigours of high speed, high quality image capture. It is the brains of the camera, and seamlessly churns through millions of calculations to ensure that the camera responds appropriately to the scenes it has detected, and that photos are preserved with the clarity, colour and detail that can be expected from a premium brand digital camera.

High Sensitivity Sensor
The imaging sensor in a Canon TruCapture camera will always be a High Sensitivity Sensor. Regardless of whether CCD or CMOS technology is used, the imaging sensor will be capable of harnessing the rays of light efficiently and effectively, to give the image processor the best possible data from which to produce the final photo.

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