What Is the Best Lavalier Microphone?

What’s not to love about lavalier microphones? Easy to conceal, lavalier microphones, also called lav mics or lapel mics, can be clipped onto your subject’s clothing to isolate and record their voice. 

This makes them the better pick over shotgun microphones when it comes to interviews, conversational vlogging, conferences, or where the speaker needs more flexibility to move, such as in instructional yoga or dance videos. 

So what are some of the best lavalier microphones to use? We’ve listed 7 of our favourite lavalier microphones and wireless microphone systems that are sure to deliver exceptional sound quality no matter the environment:

  1. RØDE smartLav+ microphone
  2. RØDE Lavalier Microphone
  3. BOYA BY-M1
  4. RØDE Lavalier GO
  5. RØDELink Filmmaker Kit
  6. Sony ECM-AW4 microphone
  7. RØDE Wireless GO

Get the specs and more details on our top lavalier microphones below!

Detailed run-down: what lavalier microphones are the best?

RØDE smartLav+ microphone

For a brand that’s renowned for quality mics, RØDE delivers with the smartLav+ microphone.

The wired lav mic is one of the best out there for smartphones but can also be used with DSLRs or audio recorders (though you may need a TRRS to TRS adapter, such as the RØDE SC3 cable). 

RODE SmartLav+ microphone with clip

So what’s to love? Let’s start with the exceptional sound quality and solid build, not easy to achieve in such a small design. 

The smartLav+ is an omnidirectional condenser microphone with a foam pop shield. That means it picks up sound from all angles but minimises wind noise and plosives. 

The simple setup means you need only plug the mic into the headphone jack of your phone to record to any recording app. Because it’s powered by the phone, the microphone doesn’t need its own battery.

It’s also exceptionally affordable, making it almost impossible to find another lapel microphone of this quality at this price. 

Even better, step it up with the RØDE SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit, which allows for dual audio recording on the go. 

RØDE Lavalier Microphone

The RØDE Lavalier Microphone is a testament to the saying simple is best. This understated and unassuming wired lav mic is made to be discreet while delivering clear sound. 

RODE lavalier microphone with cable and clip

The lav mic embraces an omnidirectional polar pattern that provides broadcast-quality audio. It also comes with a mini-furry to protect against wind and plosives. As you would expect with RØDE, the mic captures great low noise too.  

Check out the RØDE Lavalier Microphone online today. 


Another affordable lapel microphone is the BOYA BY-M1. Like the smartLav+, the BY-M1 is a wired microphone that produces great sound with low noise. 

Boya BY-M1 microphone with clip

Unlike the smartLav+, the BOYA BY-M1 has a switchable power source, which means you can run it with the built-in battery or through the device it’s plugged into. 

This budget lav mic can be used with a DSLR, smartphone, or tablet and is easy to set up. It has a high sensitivity level at -30dB, which means you can pick up faint noises, while able to detect sound of between 65Hz and 18,000Hz. 

Take a look at the BOYA BY-M1 lavalier microphone today. 

RØDE Lavalier GO

Stepping it up a notch, we have the Lavalier GO, another RØDE microphone with a subtle, trademark RØDE design. 

Rode lavalier GO microphone with cable and clip

The RØDE Lavalier GO can connect to most recording devices via a TRS microphone port. It comes with a sturdy mounting clip and built-in cable management so it’s easy to set up without the cables getting in the way. 

RØDE strives for exceptional audio quality and it does not disappoint with this beauty. The omnidirectional mic captures crisp audio in virtually any scenario, honing in on the correct sound source. A foam pop shield reduces plosives and wind noise.

Take a look at the RØDE Lavalier GO today.

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

On to the best wireless lavalier mics, we can’t go past the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit. This particularly popular (and easy) setup works with DSLRs. The system delivers amazing sound even when the subject is far away – up to 100m! 

Not a lav mic alone, the Filmmaker Kit comes with a receiver and a transmitter as well as an omnidirectional, wireless lapel microphone. 

RODELINK Filmmaker kit with transmission and receiver

The microphone itself has a frequency response of 35Hz to 22000Hz and can operate across eight channels, each with 1000 frequencies. That opens up the opportunity to use two kits on the same channel without interference. 

Of course, the great advantage of this system is the wireless microphone, which enables you to record walk-and-talk scenarios and other scenes where the subject is more mobile, without needing to worry about cables. 

Check out the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit online today.

Sony ECM-AW4 microphone

Another impressive wireless microphone is the Sony ECM-AW4 mic, which can record sharp sound from up to 50 metres away. 

Exceptionally, the ECM-AW4 is a complete battery-powered wireless microphone system that uses a Bluetooth connection.

Sony ECM AW4 wireless microphone system

The transmitter comes with a built-in microphone (though you can use an optional external microphone available separately) while the receiver has a handy talk-back function that enables communication between the camera operator and the subject.

Light and portable, the microphone can be attached to any video camera, DSLR, or recording device with a 3.5mm mini-jack microphone input.

Take a look at the Sony ECM-AW4 microphone system online today. 

RØDE Wireless GO

To finish with a bang, there’s the RØDE Wireless GO, said to be the world’s smallest and most versatile compact wireless microphone system. 

RODE Wireless go microphone system with transmitter and receiver

The Wireless GO is capable of capturing clear audio and great sound quality with a range of 70m. Yet it’s small and compact enough to be easily concealed. 

As with the Sony ECM-AW4, the RØDE Wireless GO system includes a transmitter with a built-in mic (with the option to attach a lav mic) and a receiver, which can pair up in just 3 seconds. The receiver sits on the camera hot shoe and can connect to the camera with a short 3.5mm lead.

Check out the RØDE Wireless GO system today. 

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