Which Tripod Do I Need for My Camera

There are many reasons to invest in a tripod for your camera. It’s next to impossible to remain still enough to capture the perfect shot at dusk with a slow-shutter speed, which is why many of the pros use a tripod.

Tripods stabilise the camera to help you capture a crisp clear shot. There are several occasions where you might need to lower your shutter speed – but this blurs movement and can make your photo appear fuzzy. You may think as long as you hold your breath the camera will be stable but using a tripod can be far easier!

tripod in garden

But there are plenty of other reasons to use a tripod, including perfectly framing a shot, resting heavy camera equipment, and taking self-portraits on a DSLR or a smartphone.

When choosing a tripod, you should have a think about how you plan to use it and pick a tripod that best suits your style of photography.

If you want to shoot at night, macro, or landscape photography, including panoramic photography, you will need a tripod that is sturdy.

If you want to capture some amazing photos on your vacation, you’ll want a light tripod. If you want to use your smartphone to take some photos, there are tripods made especially for you!

Tripods range in prices and materials, but it’s worth doing some research choose the best tripod for your needs the first time. So avoid scrimping on a tripod, it is an investment item and a good one will last many years to come.

Tripods for DSLRs

The Manfrotto 190 GO is an excellent tripod for the professional photographer, or the advanced amateur photographer. It is light and compact with carbon fibre tubes, but can still support an enthusiast’s DSLR and large lens, making it perfect for travel.

You can attach accessories like LED lighting or a reflector, while the adjustable centre column and individual leg angles will allow a photographer to get creative.

Another great tripod is the Velbon GEO N730 tripod. Like the 190 GO it has carbon fibre leg tubes. B to add greater resistance and rigidity, the N730 also has a small quantity of basalt.

The N730 comes with a multi-use pouchette to carry your tripod in which also doubles as a stone bag that adds stability to your set-up. It’s a great option if you’re into landscape photography and find yourself in strong winds!

When choosing tripod heads, it’s important to note there are different kinds. The compact ball head uses one locking screw and can be moved in any direction. If you’re after more precise adjustments and framing, try a three-way head.

photographer with tripod at beach

Tripods for Compact Cameras and Smartphones

Table-top tripods are smaller and can be placed on benches or chairs, or attached to trees and poles while you’re out and about.

If you’re travelling alone, this might be the best way to get a proper photograph of yourself and the beautiful landscapes. But you can also use at the local footy game, at a picnic at the park, or while taking macro shots of flowers. There are so many uses!

A popular tripod for those smaller camera and smartphones is the Gorillapod range from Joby. These tripods can be twisted and bent to cling to a whole lot of different structures . So no matter where you are, you can capture a great photo.

There’s a Gorillapod for SLRs, compact cameras, tablets, smartphones and action video cameras. So there’s certainly one to suit you!

For a huge range of camera tripods, be sure to check out our online store or head into your local Camera House shop to get more handy tips from our staff.

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