Why You Need a Compact System Camera

Compact system cameras, also known as mirrorless cameras, are a fairly recent addition to the camera market. They look like a cross between simple compact cameras and professional DSLRs.

They do sit between these two cameras in many ways. A compact system camera works much like a DSLR, with comparable sensors and resolutions. But like a compact camera, a mirrorless camera lacks an interior mirror. Without the mirror, the camera system is smaller, hence its names.

So why should you buy a compact system camera? There are many reasons one of these cameras might be preferable to you.

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Perfect for Travel

Because of the compact nature of compact system cameras, they are perfect for travel.

The most important things to consider when planning your trip is the size and weight of your camera and accessories and the quality of the camera.

You want to be able to carry your camera everywhere, and you don’t want to have to ditch souvenirs in order to meet baggage weight requirements!

But you don’t want to compromise on quality; your camera should be able to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of landscapes and architecture that you experience on your travels.

Mirrorless cameras produce fantastic quality images that rival DSLRs, while taking up less room. Even their lenses tend to be smaller.

Sony Alpha A7

Superb Quality

Compact system cameras share many of the same features as DSLRs. As such, images captured with compact system cameras are of a high quality.

While they are far superior to your average compact camera, some mirrorless cameras are even rivalling DSLRs.

Large sensors mean compact system cameras capture photos of an exceptionally high image quality. Some models even have full-frame sensors, giving you the ability to take great photos in low light.

If you are looking for a camera that can capture great video, many compact system cameras have the ability to take 4K video.

Viewfinders are not generally found on compact system cameras, and if they are, it is essentially a smaller screen. If you have gotten used to using the LCD to frame your shot, this may not be an issue.

Camera Lens

So Many Settings, So Many Options

With a compact system camera, you can experiment with many of the same settings as DSLRs. Having manual control over your camera allows you to develop your photography skills.

You can control settings like shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. There are also photography effects, filters and creative options available within the camera that you can experiment with.

Many mirrorless cameras have Wi-Fi connectivity, which means you can upload your edited images straight to the internet.

Great Range of Accessories

There are tons of accessories for compact system cameras, from lenses to tripods. You’re sure to find the accessory you want for your new mirrorless camera.

Lenses are currently more limited than the range available for DSLRs. But as the mirrorless becomes more common, the range of lenses built especially for compact system cameras will grow too.

You can also get lens hoods to beat flare and lens filters to experiment with. Battery grips will let you keep snapping all day, while tripods will give your compact system camera stable footing.

If you’re ready to buy your very own mirrorless camera & the best accessories for it, be sure to check out the Camera House online store. If you still have some questions, head in-store and have a chat to our friendly staff for some expert advice.

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