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Action Photography Guide

Most photographers enjoy shooting moving subjects, but there’s a lot more to successful action photography than simply pointing your camera and pressing the shutter button. Photo Review’s handy Action Photography guide provides easy-to-follow advice on how to obtain successful shots of all kinds of motion. We also include some of the tricks of the trade that professional photographers rely upon.

Lenses Guide

Lenses Guide provides all the information you need for selecting the right lenses to improve your photography. The guide starts with tech basics of today's lenses – the varying mounts and formats, image stabilisation and focusing systems, image sensor size – and their impact on lens performance. It then covers why and when to use prime lenses, standard kit lenses, telephoto kit lenses, and 'all-in-one' extended zoom lenses.

Low Light Guide

Knowing how to handle your camera when available light is in short supply is rewarding in itself, and it will improve your photographic technique in all shooting conditions. Low Light Photography takes you through the fundamentals of exposure, controlling ISO, image 'noise' and how to keep it in check. It deals with the techniques for capturing sharp, well-exposed images without a tripod, and shows you how to get those surreal long exposure shots of subjects like flowing water and star trails. Lift your sunset and sunrise compositions beyond the every day using the simple tips provided in this guide. Low Light Photography shows you how - with a minimum of jargon.

Mirrorless Guide

Easy to follow advice on why, when and how to use a Compact System (mirrorless) Camera: - How to choose the right mirrorless camera and lenses for your photography; - How to master the key camera controls; - Tips on everything from shooting modes, framing, focusing, sensitivity, colour controls, and video recording, right through to editing and sharing your photos.

Photo Editing Guide

This handy guide explains how all image editors provide a workspace with menu bars and toolbars for accessing the adjustments. Although their layout may be a little different, in essence most of them operate similarly and are easy to use. Photo Editing shows you the best ways to adjust and optimise your photos, including how to resize, crop, retouch, convert to monochrome, fix contrast, brightness, colour, use layers, filters, and effects. This guide shows you how to take control of the many ways to improve and perfect your photos.

Travel Photography Guide

This handy guide shows you how to select the right gear and provides practical, step by step tips on how to improve your photos of landscapes, people, close-ups, wildlife and cities. Travel Photography teaches you how to let your photos tell the story; the best places and angles, and the right settings to capture the heart and soul of urban environments and community character.

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