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With Gary Fong’s accessories, you’ll quickly become a photography studio pro. Gary Fong was founded by a photographer for other photographers, so you know every product has been tested to ensure it meets your needs. Gary Fong’s range of camera accessories are designed to improve your creativity and photography opportunities, whether you’re in a studio or shooting out in the field. Enjoy the versatility of the Gary Fong Flip-Cage, which acts as a flexible tripod that will enable you to shoot pictures from horizontal or vertical positions as well as shoot macros - all while providing a protection case around your camera! Love the acclaimed Gary Fong Lightsphere? Why not try the new Lightsphere Collapsible speed mount, with a new mounting system that allows photographers to quickly attach and swap out modifiers. Browse our full range of Gary Fong accessories to improve your photography online today. They may become essential camera equipment in your studio!