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You bought a GoPro to record the adventures of your life. Why stop there? GoPole offers accessories so you can beef up your GoPro and the videos you’ll treasure. Use any number of GoPole’s accessories to enhance what your GoPro does for you. In the water, use your GoPro to capture what’s happening under the surface and above the surface—at the same time. GoPole’s dome accessories let you do that. GoPole’s dual adapter allows you to use two cameras at once to record different views while you’re on the move. Use other adapters to attach your mobile phone to a mount. Other accessories GoPole makes for you are lens and LED protector kits and cleaning kits as well as dual battery charging kits. This way, your GoPro won’t wear out before you do. Add to your GoPro adventures with our accessories that fit your needs. Extending your GoPro enhances the memories you capture. Shop our full selection of GoPole accessories, including mounts, online today!