I-mee Electronics Limited is a newly established company since 2012.  We're young and energetic, but has well experience in designing portable personal digital device.  Since we're young, we understand the needs of the young generation and believing that our reliable, affordable and colorful products are what they will love of.

I-Mee Electronics is a newly founded company that was established in 2012. It has been making waves ever since. They describe themselves as young and energetic, which positions them to create products meant for the modern technological environment, such as the selfie stick.

With experience in designing portable digital devices and they have the ability to bring to life products that appeal to the young, and the young at heart.

The I-Mee Selfie Rolipod is just one of their contributions, which comes with a telescopic pole, a sturdy phone clamp and a Bluetooth wireless remote.

An I-Mee selfie stick is the perfect addition to a travel kit, whether you are travelling alone or with friends and family, everyone can be in the picture with I-Mee!