Introduction to the DSLR 15th September 2018

  • 15 Sep 2019 01:00 pm
  • Beginner
  • Erina
  • 15/148 The Entrance Rd
    Erina NSW 2250
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A seminar explaining the basics of advanced photography using a DSLR, Compact System or Advanced Compact Camera. This should be attended as a pre-requisite to any of the advanced workshops. The seminar covers: Composition: How to create more balanced photographs that improve communication with your viewer. ISO Settings: Effect on colour, clarity, and sharpness of using different ISO settings. Exposure: How to set the camera controls. Shutter speeds -the effect of freezing or blurring the action on the final picture. Apertures: The effect of isolating the subject or getting everything in focus (Depth of Field). Lens Selection: How different lenses and lens settings affect perspective within photographs. How to decide if you have all your needs covered by your existing equipment. Filters: Which filters are essential and why they are used. Filters to improve your pictures. Basic handling of cameras, stabilisation and protection of your equipment. Common faults: Suggestions on how to overcome them including the use of Exposure Compensation, White Balance and Colour Modes.


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