Introduction to Video Basics 24th November 2018

  • 24 Nov 2018 01:00 pm
  • Beginner
  • Erina
  • 15/148 The Entrance Rd
    Erina NSW 2250
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Learn how to make Better Quality Videos using your camcorder, digital SLR or mirrorless camera from video producer Craig Newman.

This introductory seminar helps you understand how video works in simple practical terms. It covers:

Composition-How to capture engaging stories and visually pleasant videos

Exposure: - Learn how to use shutter, iris and gain to not only expose the video correctly but also creatively using motion blur and depth of field.

Motion: Learn how to hold your camera like a pro and operate it to create interesting motion and stable, watchable footage.

Audio: Learn how to capture clean sound and the best microphones for your needs.

Lighting: How to use natural lighting to best advantage

Editing; Learn to capture, compose and export your videos

Polishing: Learn tips that will make your edits much better with a few simple effects.

Common Mistakes: Prevent these common mistakes and use simple exercises to become a better videographer.


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