Tripods & Stabilisation

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You and your action camera are often on the move. However, sometimes it’s nice to slow down and enjoy your view. Capture magnificent photos with a tripod or stabilisation accessories for clearer shots! Tripods are useful to take pictures and record video. knowing what tripod to use and having a stable camera will give you the best quality shots. Kaiser-Baas offers accessories that allow you to use a tripod or monopod. The Tripod Mount, Tripod Camera Adaptor Kit, J-Mount Quick Release, Quick-Release Mount, and 3-Way Mount, lend stability while allowing you to quickly move between stationary and mobile recording. The Tripod Grip helps you swivel and angle your camera on the tripod with a smooth, steady hand. While they’re more like monopods than tripods, mount your camera on the Extension Pole or Extension arm to expand your reach. Browse our tripods and stabilisation accessories. Take your camera to breathtaking places and attach it easily to your tripod for stunning photos and video.