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Thanks to Laser’s range of power banks, you’ll never have to worry about your devices losing power just when you need them! These portable power banks are an essential piece of travel equipment, but they come in a variety of power capacities to suit your budget and needs. The PB-2200LED power bank is a great multi-use device. Power up your smartphone, tablet or another device with this rugged and water resistant power bank, which doubles as a powerful LED torch. While the PB2200LED is great for travellers, real adventurers will love the PB-8000, which can be charged with solar power and likewise comes with an LED torch. If you’re after multiple charges, the PB-10000K power bank will let you charge your mobile or tablet successive times. Or for the ultimate in powerful power banks, go for the Laser PB-CJ12000. It can charge all your devices, while also acting as a car jump starter, resurrecting your car from a flat battery. Plus it’s got a high intensity LED flashlight with strobe function … And it’s all compact enough to fit into your pocket, car glove box, or backpack. Shop online for our full range of power banks to keep your devices ready to go anytime!