Matin Camera Accessories


After entering the camera industry in April of 1983, Matin has achieved the continued growth and development through the years, managing the business more efficiently than any other companies.

They have concentrated their best effort on boosting export by developing our own brand "MATIN". We have been exporting our best quality products to the countries of origin such as Germany, U.S, Japan, and other countries like U.K, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Canada, many Asian as well as European countries, etc.

Has your camera suffered a lot of wear and tear? Have you found smudges on your lens – or worse? Scuffs, marks and cracks on your camera are almost inevitable if you like to take your camera equipment out into the world. That’s where camera accessories can become hugely important!

Since 1983, Matin has developed photography accessories to help you get the most out of your equipment. Here at Camera House, we stock a range of Matin camera accessories, including cleaning accessories.

In particular, we love Matin’s lens accessories, designed not just to protect your lens but to improve the quality of your photos. Browse our range of lens caps and UV and polarising lens filters from Matin.

Be sure to check out Camera House’s selection of Matin accessories today and improve your camera kit for your next adventure!