Olympus PEN E-PL8 w/14-42mm EZ Lens White Compact System Camera w/Bonus Travel Pack

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A PEN with a refined design. This camera is almost an accessory on its own. This PEN is packed with features to help you express yourself, such as selfie mode, Wi-Fi, Art Filter, and more. It's a camera to be proud of and one that you'll always want to use. If you want to take better selfies, the E-PL8 is for you. Simply flip down the monitor to easily capture next-level selfies that cannot be taken with a smartphone. Also, with selfie movies, you can communicate a richer message. Beautiful Selfies even at low light With the E-PL8 you never have to worry about selfies turning out poorly even in backlit or night scenes. The camera automatically detects the scene for shooting, so each and every shot results in a beautiful selfie. Selfie movies With selfie movies, you can capture yourself speaking and moving. The new selfie mode for movies makes it easy to capture everything from your travels to everyday life. Art Filters This popular feature provides you with an array of visual effect options to make your selfies special. You can see the effects on the monitor before you release the shutter so you know exactly how your selfie will turn out. Photo Story This feature combines multiple shots into a single photo. Shoot a selfie as one of the images for unique and stylish collages. Aspect Ratio This function lets you change the aspect ratio to suit your subject or theme. Changing the aspect ratio can give your selfie a different character. Interval Shooting Capture a variety of poses and select the best shot of the bunch with Interval Shooting. The count-down display makes it easier to see the shooting timing and easier to strike a pose. Set the number of seconds until the shot is captured, the shooting interval, and the number of shots, to your preference. Flip-down touchscreen Since the E-PL8's touchscreen flips down rather than up, touch control is made much easier and the flash (when attached) does not obstruct your view of the screen. And the camera's powerful image stabilization helps minimise any blurring caused by the single-handed shooting. Dedicated Selfie Mode When the touchscreen is flipped down, the camera automatically switches to Selfie Mode. The Photo is taken one second after the shutter button at the bottom of the screen is touched. Touch buttons for e-Portrait, which makes skin look smooth, and brightness control are positioned on the screen. Smartphone Linkage Since the E-PL8 has built-in Wi-Fi, recorded photos and movies can easily be imported to a smartphone and shared anytime, anywhere. Also, you can use your smartphone to remotely control the camera, allowing you to shoot full body selfies. Built-in Wi-Fi and the Olympus Image Share smartphone app can be used to easily import photos and movies from the camera to a smartphone. With this feature, you can easily share DSLR quality photos with friends and family. Initial connection between the camera and smartphone requires just a simple scan of the QR displayed on the camera screen. Settings can be completed in just a few steps. Once a camera and smartphone have been paired, the connection will be automatic the second time onward. The remote shooting function can be used to capture selfies even when away from the camera. Use your smartphone as a remote control to capture selfies and selfie movie in exactly the way you want. Shooting Movies Not only is the E-PL8 packed with great features for photos, but it also is equipped with many features for shooting fantastic movies. Using just the camera, easily record and edit movies that will entertain viewers. Clips With the Clips feature you can shoot short video clips and combines them together with music to create your own mini-movie. Music for Clips, including three new tracks, can be downloaded from the link below. You can use visual effects in your Clips movies to make them even more entertaining. Art Filter movie The popular Art Filters can also be used with movies. Old Film Effect Noise, scratches, and dust are randomly inserted and the entire screen is slightly darkened to make your movie look like an old movie shot on film. DSLR Image Quality Smartphones are casual and convenient, but lacking in image quality. The E-PL8, however, packs high-spec performance into a compact body. The large sensor and interchangeable lens put amazing image quality in the palm of your hand. The powerful image stabilization makes it easy to shoot photos of nightscapes and of dimly lit settings. You can capture sharp, vivid, beautiful photos.
Megapixel16 Megapixels
SensitivityAUTO ISO: customizable, LOW (approx.100) ‐ 25600 (default: LOW - 1600) Manual ISO: LOW (approx.100), 200 - 25600 (1/3, or 1 EV steps selectable)
SensorLiveMOS Sensor
FlashTTL Auto, Auto[*], Manual, Super FP[*](FP-TTL AUTO, FP-MANUAL)
Screen Size3.0" Tilting LCD Screen
PowerBLS-50 Li-ion battery
Dimensions114.9mm (W) x 67mm (H) x 38.4mm (D)
Shutter SpeedFocal-plane shutter[1]: available from 1/4000 to 60 sec. shutter speeds and for Live Bulb, Live Time, and Live Composite Electronic first curtain shutter[2]: 1/320 - 60 sec.
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