Samyang 14mm T3.1 VDSLR CINE - Canon EF Full Frame

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The technical details behind this lens

Samyang 14mm T3.1 VDSLR Canon EOS Full Frame Lens offers great features. The optical design offers 14 lenses in 10 groups including 3 high-refractive and extra-low dispersion lenses, 1 hybrid aspherical lens, and 1 glass aspherical lens. The H-ASP and ASP lenses minimise colour aberration to realise excellent image quality and high contrast for the center and corner of the image even when the aperture is fully opened. Also, the HR ED lens of 14mm T3.1 VDSLR ED AS IF UMC II effectively controls the light dispersion to prevent flare and ghosting. This lens also features Ultra Multi-Coating technology of Samyang Optics, It optimizes the light penetration to minimise flare and ghost effects.

Key features
  • High-refractive, extra low dispersion lens (HR ED)
  • Glass aspherical lens (ASP)
  • Hybrid glass aspherical lens (H-ASP)
  • Ultra Multi-Coating

Top three Reasons we think you will love this lens
  • Great Performance
  • Reliable Design
  • Uncoupled aperture and focus gear ring

Our expert's opinion

The Samyang 14mm VDSLR (Video Digital SLR) version has been developed primarily for cine/filming and video purposes with Canon, Nikon, Sony E-Mount, and Micro Four Third (MFT) mount cameras or professional camcorders with corresponding mounts. Like the Standard 14mm prime lens, it features the same superb optics with the addition of follow-focus gear rings and decoupled aperture. Such alterations allow the user to smoothly and quietly change focus and aperture/depth of field whist filming and allows coupling to professional geared follow-focus systems. The aperture and focus scale have been relocated to the side of the lens, to aid videographers.

Sample Images