School Remembered

School Remembered

School Remembered is a book that is stylish enough to keep out on display for visitors but enticing enough that your kids will love looking through it. This isn't a complicated record book, which will take you hours to fill in, but rather a simple organiser, which tells your child’s story, and captures the moments of childhood that pass all too quickly. School Remembered will grow with your child and is sophisticated in its simplicity.

School Remembered is a stylish way to keep, record and present your children’s school memories. With School Remembered photo books, parents can keep school photos, academic achievements, sporting awards, drawings and school work together in a great package.

As a parent with a flair for photography you will want a place you can keep your beautiful photos of your children, which will make for an excellent record of their lives while being a lovely place to display these memories.

From their first day of school to their ballet recitals, sporting achievements to spelling bees, formals to graduation, you can collaborate with your children to document their stories.

School Remembered allows you to tailor the book to your child, so you can simply and effectively organise your treasured memories.