Sony XQD G Series 256GB E Memory Card

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The Technical Details Behind This Memory Card

This memory card is a must-have accessory for every professional photographer and videographer out there. Designed specifically to suit the data storage requirements of professionals, the Sony XQD G Series 256GB E Memory Card comes with several amazing features. It is compatible with the whole DSLR range and offers a storage capacity of 256GB.

Sony’s memory cards are known to keep pace with the shooting speeds of your camera and the Sony XQD G Series 256GB E Memory Card is no exception. With this accessory, you will never have to worry about space limitations in your high-end DSLRs and can freely capture more decisive moments and continuous bursts of shots.

Top Three Reasons We Think You Will Love The Sony XQD G Series 256GB E Memory Card.
  • This memory card offers fast data transfer to your PC. The speed is twice that of quick Compact Flash cards, ensuring your data backup and workflow are far more efficient.
  • The memory card boasts of remarkable strength up to 2.5x greater than usual XQD standards. Additionally, its rigidity tested 50 Newtons of force, cutting down the risk of flexing and bending caused by repeated insertion into card slots.
  • It comes equipped with Sony’s File Rescue, a powerful tool, which with the help of an advanced algorithm aids in faster recovery of damaged or lost files.


The Sony XQD G Series 256GB E Memory Card is just what you require for prolonged professional usage. You need not worry about storage capacity while recording a video, as the memory card offers dependable 4K video recording. Similarly, it has a storage bandwidth to securely store up to 200 raw images in a single burst. The card is designed specifically to clear the memory buffer quickly.

In instances when you happen to lose or damage your files, you need not panic, especially if this memory card is your data carrier. You can use Sony’s File Rescue right away and recover all your lost raw images, MOV files and 4K XAVC-S video files immediately. This tool is extremely easy to use and available complementarily as a free download to memory card users.

Quality And Reliability

This card is crafted for intense professional usage and has a robust shell structure, which makes it extremely durable. It is shockproof, magnet-proof and performs exceptionally well even in extreme situations such as varying temperatures. This weather-resistant card remains unaffected by excess exposure to intense UV light and airport X-Ray machines. The card is shock-proof and impact-resistant, making it an apt choice for busy or outdoor shooting schedules.

Our Expert’s Opinion

Added storage is always a blessing for photographers and videographers, After all, you certainly would not want to stall a shoot because of storage issues! Professionals and aspiring photographers, get your storage backup right with the excellent Sony XQD G Series 256GB E Memory Card. The extensive storage it offers, along with its unique features, make it a necessary addition to your kit.