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Background about Camera House Horsham

Camera House Horsham was established in 1978. We joined the Camera House Group, in its early days, to give our customers the best products and services possible. Over the years we have adapted to the fast changes within the photographic and video industry and continue to deliver top of the range service in Wimmera and its surrounding regions.

We believe every customer who walks in deserves the FULL Camera House experience. This includes getting access to high quality photography and videography gear compared to our competitors, get access to in store training on all products we offer and receive fair and honest advice from our friendly staff.

Our staff are experts in the following:

1. Still photography: Mirrorless, DSLR and compact cameras

2. Videography and blogging: Cam cords, drones, and other pro video cameras

3. Optical equipment: binoculars

Why should you choose Horsham?

Camera House Horsham aim to provide a platform for consumers to access all the photographic products and services they need. We organise a variety of workshops and training sessions that give customers the opportunity to network and meet up with other fellow photographers and learn about the photography industry. When you come and visit our store, we guarantee you’ll receive the full Camera House experience and GET MORE than what you expect.

Products and services we offer instore

Camera House Horsham offers a diverse range of products and services instore and online. Being a part of Australia’s largest photographic specialty group, gives our customers access to a wide variety of products and services compared to any competitor in the country.

We have access to all the top brands in the industry such as Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, GoPro, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm, Tamron, Sigma, Lowepro, Bushnell, Polaroid, Joby, and Vanguard, among others. We offer instore training and expert advice for all the brands we carry in store.

Some products we carry instore include lenses and lens accessories, flashguns, lighting equipment, microphones, remote controls, cables, tripods, tripod heads and attachments, camera bags and straps, filters, batteries and memory cards and other storage devices. In addition to these products, we stock the largest range of binoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes.

Along with this we offer a wide range of in store lab services such as enlargements on photo paper or canvas, scans, photo restoration, data recovery, print from a phone or USB, passport photos, calendars, photobooks, and other personalised gifting.