Win 1 of 5 Nikon D5600 Storytelling Kits.

Stories are everywhere and we want to ignite the sharing of your story to inspire others.

We wanted to inspire people everywhere to inspire others with their life story, now matter how old or new that story may be.

The response was incredible and we were totally overwhelmed with the reaction to this initiative. A huge thank you to everyone who shared their story with us, it was a humbling experience reading through all of the entries.

We could however only award five winners and those people are:

Alex (C/O) Scott Wines

"This is me. I am telling the story of the world around me through the photos I take. I love to take photos of my family, especially my family near the sea."

Alex, we couldn't be happier to be able to give you a Nikon D5600 Storytelling Kit so you can take many more amazing images of your big life that's still ahead of you. Good luck buddy!

Megan Wheatly

"This photo was taken about 6 years ago on Christmas day spent in Melbourne with my family. It is one of the very few photos I have of my mum and I and it means the world to me. In March this year my mum with diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and this has reminded us of the importance of every beautiful memory like this one is. Since March I have been trying to capture every memory possible."

Megan you're absolutely right, capturing precious moments like this one is so important. It helps us remember, but most importantly it helps us tell our story to our loved ones down the track. Enjoy your new Nikon D5600 Storytelling Kit.

Deborah Hopley

"I am a Mother of 2 divine children (who are my absolute pride and joy), and it's from being a Mother, that I developed my love of cooking. Over the years, I unwittingly became a food storyteller with my passion in recipe creation, food styling, learning new cooking techniques & documenting restaurant food creations. Utilising the camera function on my smartphone thus far, has been my tool of choice, but winning a Nikon 5600 Storytelling Kit, would give me the ability to document and properly story tell, not only my food creations but also others."

You have a defintie talent Deborah. Managing to take photos of this class on your phone gives us excitement to see what you'll produce with your new Nikon D5600 Storytelling Kit. Keep up the great work and passion!

Abhisha Vashistha

"Life has always been a challenge. My parents always neglected me because I'm a girl but they wanted a boy. I never received any love or affection from them, which is heartbreaking. However I never lose hope and managed to be very close to my dream of becoming a teacher to inspire children and motivate them that nothing can stop you if you are a believer."

Abhisha with your determination and dedication to shaping young lives we're sure your story is going to live on in a positive light for years.

Ben Tullipan

"I lost my legs a tragic way, the Bali Bombings took them away. Now two prosthetics get me around, my determination means I’m no longer wheelchair bound. Most of my body is covered in burns, new challenges await me at every turn. I met quadriplegic James a few years ago, and by gosh I’m proud of this here photo. We both are passionate about the sport of Golfing, encouraging the disabled to get out there and get swinging. Meeting people who’ve a disability like losing a limb, telling them life’s not over, it’s not all grim."

Ben! What an amazing person and an extraordinary journey you're now on. Keep inspiring others with your will to keep moving forward and we look forward to seeing your powerful story being showcased with your new Nikon D5600 Storytelling Kit.