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  • Macro


    If you're looking to get up close to insects, plants or flowers and really dramatise your shots than take a look at the Macro range we have. Macro lenses are designed for extreme close up photography and usually with small subjects as they're produced with ratios greater than 1:1.

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  • Standard


    A standard lens is one which produces an image that roughly matches what the human eye sees creating an image that looks natural to the viewer.

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  • Telephoto


    Telephoto lenses have a longer focal length than standard lenses which gives a narrow field of view but a much more magnified image.

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  • Wide Angle

    Wide Angle

    Wide angle lenses are predominantly used for Landscape photography. They're perfect for emphasising the difference in size and distance between objects, foreground and background. Every lens is created with usability top of mind so if you're looking for exaggerated perspectives and beautiful spanning scapes than take a look at our Wide Angle Lens range.

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  • Lens Accessories

    Lens Accessories

    Filters, extenders, converters, adaptors, hoods, caps and more. No matter what accessory you're looking for when it comes to lenses you'll find it here.

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