Cine CN-E

Canon Cine CN-E lens mounts embody cinematic precision. Engineered for professional filmmaking, these EF and PL mounts ensure seamless compatibility with Canon's cinema lenses. Offering exceptional optical quality and robust construction, CN-E mounts enable filmmakers to capture stunning visuals and narratives with the utmost creative control and technical excellence.

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Lenses For Canon Cine CN-E

Take your photography and videography to the next level with Camera House’s range of lenses for Canon Cine CN-E. You’ll experience cinematic level technology with our renowned range of full-frame and macro lenses.

Get in close and detailed with a macro lens to explore a whole new world unimaginable to the human eye. The Laowa 24mm f/1.4 2X Macro Probe Lens is designed for videography allowing you to focus from 2:1 macro infinity with a spectacular 85° field of view. This creates a unique ‘Bug Eye’ perspective, difficult to achieve with other lenses. This is perfect for nature photography and videography.

The Samyang 135mm T2.2 VDSLR Canon EOS CINE Full Frame Lens is another great alternative to give your Canon Cine CN-E a whole new dimension. With a T2.2 aperture and 135mm focal length, this lens is great for night scenery, portrait journalism and wildlife photography.

Explore a whole new realm of photography with a lens for your Canon Cine CN-E. Shop online and enjoy flat-rate delivery Australia wide, or Click and Collect at a Camera House store near you.