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Camera lens filters transform your shots. From polarizers enhancing skies to ND filters controlling light, these versatile accessories offer creative control. Protect lenses from dust and scratches while achieving stunning effects like bokeh and colour enhancement. Elevate your photography by adding depth and vibrancy to your visuals with lens filters.

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Buy Lens Filters at Camera House Australia

Bring unparalleled creativity to your photography with lens filters from Camera House Australia. We stock a comprehensive range of lens filters from top brands like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sigma, and Hoya. These essential camera accessories provide protection for your lenses and serve as tools for creative expression, allowing you to manipulate light, reflections, and colors for the perfect shot.

What are the different types of lens filters?

Lens filters come in several types, each serving a unique purpose. The most common types are UV filters, used primarily for lens protection against dust, moisture, and scratches; Neutral Density (ND) filters, which reduce the amount of light entering the lens to enable longer exposures; and Polarized or CPL filters, which reduce glare and enhance color saturation.

Color correction filters are used for adjusting white balance in film photography, while Gradient filters create a smooth transition from one color to another. Infrared filters block visible light and only allow infrared and near-infrared waves to pass through, producing a unique effect in black and white photography.

Our selection of protection lens filters covers everything from UV filters, polarising lens filters and ND filters to GoPro lens filters for diving. We have lens filters from ProMaster, Canon, Sigma, Olympus, Hoya and a range of other prominent brands. Just be sure to pick the right size filter for your camera lens.

What are the benefits of using a lens filter?

Lens filters can enhance the final image in a variety of ways. UV filters provide a barrier against potential lens damage, while ND filters allow photographers to use slower shutter speeds or wider apertures in bright conditions. Polarized filters help cut through glare, particularly useful in landscape photography where you want to capture the deep blues of the sky or the clarity of a tranquil lake.

Gradient and color correction filters offer ways to manipulate colors in-camera, creating unique effects or correcting color casts in certain lighting conditions. Moreover, infrared filters open up an entirely different spectrum of light, producing surreal and dramatic effects in your photos.

What are the drawbacks of using a lens filter?

While lens filters provide numerous advantages, they do have some drawbacks. Lower quality filters may negatively impact image quality by introducing color casts, reducing sharpness, or causing additional lens flare. Certain filters like ND and CPL can also reduce the amount of light that reaches the sensor, necessitating adjustments to shutter speed or ISO.

How do I clean my lens filters?

Cleaning lens filters is similar to cleaning a camera lens. Using a soft, lint-free cloth is generally sufficient for removing dust and smudges. For more stubborn grime, a special lens cleaning solution can be used. It's important to handle filters carefully to avoid scratches that can affect image quality.

Are expensive lens filters worth it?

The price of lens filters can vary significantly, often reflecting the quality of the materials used and the precision of the manufacturing process. High-end filters typically offer better optical quality and durability, which can lead to superior image results and longer product life. However, even budget filters can serve well for protection and basic effects. Your choice should ultimately reflect your needs, preferences, and budget.

Protect your lenses at Camera House

Protect your most important investment from dirt, dust and minor impacts with a high-quality camera lens filter from Camera House. A lens filter is not only for protection but also helps you get the best of image capturing and image editing.

Find our collection of lens filters, lens hoods, and other lens accessories online to protect your camera equipment and broaden your photography today. Shop today and enjoy flat-rate delivery Australia wide, or check out our store locator to visit a Camera House store near you.

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