Explore a diverse range of high-capacity memory cards at Camera House. Elevate your photography with ample storage for stunning visuals and seamless video recording, capturing every detail with confidence.

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Buy Memory Cards at Camera House Australia

Stepping into the world of photography or videography means stepping into the world of memory cards. At Camera House, we provide an extensive range of high-capacity memory cards that cater to all your media storage needs. Whether it's for your camera, phone, or laptop, we stock a variety of brands like SanDisk, Lexar, and Samsung that offer high-performance storage solutions. Shop our wide selection today for unbeatable prices and great deals!

What are the different types of memory cards?

Memory cards come in a plethora of formats to suit a variety of devices. The most common types include SD (Secure Digital), microSD, CF (CompactFlash), CFast, and XQD cards. SD and microSD cards are typically used in cameras, smartphones, and tablets, while CFast and XQD cards cater to professional grade video recording equipment. At Camera House, we stock a range of memory cards in all formats to suit every camera and video recorder. From SDXC and SDHC memory cards to CFast and CompactFlash cards, there’s something for every need.

What is the difference between a memory card and a SD card?

The term 'memory card' is a broad term that refers to any device used to store digital information, from game systems to portable media devices. On the other hand, an SD card is a type of memory card, specifically designed for secure digital storage. SD cards come in different formats and capacities, like SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) and SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity), making them a versatile option for a wide range of devices.

Which is the best memory card to use for my camera?

The best memory card for your camera depends on your specific needs and the capabilities of your camera. For high-resolution photos and 4K video recording, a high-capacity SD card like a 64GB or 128GB SDXC with a high speed class, such as UHS (Ultra High Speed), would be ideal. Brands such as SanDisk, Lexar, and Samsung are well-known for their reliable and high-performing memory cards.

How many photos will a 64GB SD card hold?

The number of photos a 64GB SD card can hold depends on the resolution of your camera. For example, a 24MP camera produces JPEG images of around 6-8MB. Therefore, a 64GB card can store approximately 8,000-10,000 images. However, if you're shooting in RAW format, the file size can be three times larger, reducing the number of photos you can store.

Easily transfer your files to your computer with a versatile all-in-one memory card reader, and grab a reliable micro sd card for all your storage requirements. Still not sure what you’re looking for? Check out our Guide to Memory Card Classes online at our blog.

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