Camera House offers monopods for steady, on-the-go photography. Lightweight and easy to carry, these single-legged supports help you capture clear, shake-free shots, making them ideal companions for any photographer.

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Buy Monopods at Camera House Australia

Welcome to Camera House, your one-stop-shop for all photography-related accessories, including a wide range of monopods. We offer an extensive collection of monopods that cater to a variety of needs, suitable for both video and still photography, and compatible with different camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Gopro.

What are Monopods?

Monopods, also known as unipods, are a type of camera support system. They feature a single leg section, unlike tripods which have three. Monopods provide stability and support, reducing camera shake and aiding in capturing sharp images. They are typically adjustable in height and are equipped with a mount where the camera or lens is attached.

What are the best uses for a monopod?

Monopods are incredibly versatile and offer several uses. They are ideal for situations where mobility is essential, such as at sporting events or in wildlife photography. They provide the necessary stability without the restrictions of a tripod, making them excellent for shooting in crowded places. Furthermore, video monopods are perfect for videographers who require smooth panning shots.

What are the different features of a monopod?

Monopods come with various features that enhance their utility and ease of use. Some of these include adjustable height, quick-release camera mounts, and comfortable grips for ease of handling. Some high-end monopods even offer additional feet for extra stability or may be made of lightweight materials like carbon fibre for easy transport.

How do you choose the right monopod for your needs?

Choosing the right monopod depends on your specific needs. Consider your primary shooting situations and the weight of your equipment. For heavy camera and lens setups, choose a monopod with a high weight capacity. If you travel frequently, a lightweight and compact monopod would be more suitable. Also, consider monopods that come with a quick-release plate for easy mounting and unmounting of your camera.

How are monopods different from tripods?

The main difference between monopods and tripods is the number of leg sections - monopods have one, while tripods have three. This makes monopods lighter and more compact, ideal for on-the-go situations where setup speed and mobility are key. However, tripods provide superior stability, making them better suited for long exposures and static compositions.

Discover a Range of Monopods From Leading Brands

At Camera House, we stock all different sizes and different weight limits of monopods at all budget levels. Featuring a huge range of brands, including Sony, Manfrotto, ProMaster, Slik & More, our collection includes many options from brands that are well-known for their quality and reliability.

For an action camera and shoot comfortably, choose our Sony VCTAMP1 Monopod. This water-resistant and lightweight monopod is perfect for adventure photographers taking crips and quality photos and videos.

If you want something handly and lightweight for daily use, choose Slik Pro Pod 600 Monopod. This monopod features quick-release leg locks making setting up easy, fast, and secure. Load capacity up to 5 kg, this camera monopod can be used with heavy professional cameras and long telephoto lenses, making it perfect for sports or nature photography.

Designed for videography, ProMaster MPV432+ Professional Convertible 4 Section features a 32mm four-section aluminum leg with a retractable and removable base that can hold up to 7kg. This is the best monopod in the market for video-taking purposes.

Moving further a bit, Manfrotto MVMXPROC5 5 Section - XPro Carbon Monopod is a new professional full fluid video monopod. This can satisfy videographers who need a highly portable, high-performance solution that can easily carry when they are traveling.

Our monopods are compatible with many camera brands. We also have a collection of monopod heads and monopod accessories to enhance your shooting experience.

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